Energy Legislation Will Hurt, Not Help Alabama Families

In an op-ed for the Birmingham News, Executive Director Brooklyn Roberts discusses the negative implications of cap and trade for Alabama families:

Energy Legislation Will Hurt, Not Help Alabama Families

Alabama families should expect to fork out an extra $125 per month if lawmakers in Washington have their way and pass what’s called the American Clean Energy and Security Act.

This bill, which barely made it through the U.S. House of Representatives late last month, will likely be voted on by the Senate before the end of this one.

The legislation, known as ACES, gambles with the future of our country’s energy availability by imposing unrealistic, renewable energy mandates on energy producers and requiring those producers who cannot meet government mandates to pay for carbon credits. Referred to as “cap and trade,” the bill is definitely no ace-in-the-hole for Alabama.  Read More…

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