EPA To Review Burdensome Regulations

The Hill’s Energy & Environment Blog covers the EPA’s decision to review dozens of regulations to ensure they are not overly burdensome.

EPA’s final regulatory review plan comes amid growing GOP animosity toward the agency. Republicans and some centrist Democrats have cast EPA as the poster child of federal overreach and excessive regulation, pushing legislation to delay or block a slew of the agency’s rules.

EPA will review 35 regulations under the final plan. Sixteen of those rules will be reviewed quickly, a process that could lead to “modifying, streamlining, expanding or repealing a regulation or related program during the 2011 calendar year,” EPA says. EPA will review the other 19 regulations over a longer time period.

The EPA says its goal is to reduce the regulatory burden and save money.  They also say they will be reviewing the regulations every five years.

Many in Congress have complained that the President has used regulatory agencies to implement policies that he cannot get through the legislative process.  In fact, one of the top priorities for conservatives this fall is Senator Rand Paul’s REINS Act which requires all major regulations to be voted on by Congress before being enforced.

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