Hearing in Montgomery on Monday

Dear Eagles,

We need your help! You have a great opportunity to fight Common Core and Plan 2020 in Alabama. The ALSDE has proposed a Comprehensive Counseling and Guidance Model (CCGM) which is a major part of the intrusive data collection of the Common Core Initiative.A public hearing before State Department personnel will be held this coming Monday night.
We can stop this CCGM now before it is fully implemented. CCGM is a new set of guidelines and policies for Alabama public school counselors which moves them from their traditional role of providing
constructive career and academic advising to being an all inclusive life advisor with no limits on their involvement in the life of the child and parent.Hearing: March 30, 2015 at Trenholm State Technical College,
1225 Airbase Boulevard, Building D, Montgomery, AL 36108 from 7:00 p.m. to
8:00 p.m.
Please attend this event and voice your opposition to CCGM.

You will want to voice your opinion to the members of the State Board of Education who will vote on the Model in June.

In February, Eagle Forum submitted to the State Board of Education a review of an earlier version of this plan detailing its Constitutional and family rights violations. It appears to have been only slightly
revised. Go to this link to read and review the current draft CCGM for yourself. http://web.alsde.edu/docs/documents/52/G%20and%20C%20Plan%20Draft%20031315.pdf

Please contact Deborah Garrett at (205) 879-7096 or by cell (205) 587-6534 for any questions or more information on CCGM.

Deborah Garrett
Executive Director
Eagle Forum of Alabama


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