We need your help protecting Alabama’s families from government overreach today!  Religious and private child care providers play an important role in Alabama. A large portion of Alabama’s families rely on these providers to care for their children on a daily basis.  These are predominately church-operated ministries to church members and to the community. A smaller number are affiliated with religious schools. Many prefer private facilities which are licensed-exempt over state controlled facilities. In October 2016, there were 998 licensed and 943 license-exempt child care centers in Alabama, according to Alabama DHR. The number of licensed-exempt child care centers in Alabama is increasing because many families are choosing licensed-exempt centers.

Families already have a choice between licensed-exempt and licensed by the state child care providers, but HB277 removes that choice.  Even the grandchild of the sponsor of HB277 attends a license-exempt child care provider in Alabama.  Opposition to HB277 is about protecting children by protecting some of the best, safe and positive child care options for children in Alabama. If hard working Alabamians no longer have high quality and low cost options, children are harmed.  Many families will no longer have the opportunities and options they rely on for their families.

Communicate your opposition to HB277

There is a lot of misinformation on religious child care providers that has been pushed by out of state forces. Get the Facts here to address some of the false statements that have been pushed on the legislators. They need to hear from you about this church regulation bill. Call, e-mail and communicate on social media to your State Representative that you oppose HB277 now.  The main number for the House of Representatives is 334-242-7600.

Let them know that not only does it violates the Alabama Constitution, but it also harms Alabama’s children by removing positive options for them.  There are a number of Republican legislators who currently support this legislation because they have not heard from their constituents, nor have they been provided with all of the facts about the bill. Many leaders throughout Alabama are stepping up to oppose this state overreach. You can help by contacting your pastor, community leaders in your area of the state or the administrator of your child’s private or religious school. Let them know you would like for them to support the Get the Facts statement on HB277.