Oppose HB277/SB236 State Overreach into Church Ministries

State Overreach Into AL Church Ministries:
Oppose HB277/SB236

On Thursday April 20, 2017, Representative Warren will offer her substitute version of HB277 – a version that we CANNOT support. The substitute does three things:

1.     Licenses all faith-based childcares that participate in the
government child subsidy program
2.     “Grandfathers” all current faith-based preschools (not childcare
centers) that does not participate in the child subsidy program
3.     Requires licensing of all future faith-based childcare programs

Eagle Forum of Alabama objects to the “grandfathering” provision; and narrowing the exemption

This new chart here analyzes the recent deception of HB277 supporters.

REMEMBER–Licensure is not synonymous with safety. Currently half of the states parents utilize licensed exempt (church ministry) child care providers over state licensed (controlled). HB277 advocates claim everyone must license but there has been NO evidence offered to support licenses protect children. HB277 is about state control of ministries of the church. This push is being promoted by the Federal government and out of state donors.

Get the Facts on HB277  then contact your Alabama legislators now let them know you oppose HB277 and any substitute. House Information:  (334) 242-7600  | Senate Information: (334) 242-7800.