Urgent: act ASAP to move Common Core Repeal Bill to Senate Floor

Urgent:  act ASAP to move Common Core Repeal Bill to Senate Floor

The bill to Repeal and Replace Common Core SB415 (Sen. Harri Anne Smith) passed the Senate Education Committee today with a 4-1 vote.  (YES: Sen. Brewbaker, Bussman, McLendon, Pittman.  NO: Sen. Figures)

SB415 will replace common core (cc) standards (aka Alabama College and Career Ready Standards) in Math and English Language Arts (including history, social studies, science, & technical subjects) with proven, superior standards based on the best of the best pre-Common Core Standards.

TODAY please contact each member of the Senate Rules Committee (below) and ask them to place SB415 number one on the Senate Special Order Calendar so that the Senate will vote on it!  Also contact your senator. Let’s show the Senate that the polls are right: over 70% of Alabamians want common core repealed.

Talking points for your contacts:

  • What is more basic than educating Alabama students in Math and English?  Yet we dropped from 25thand rising in 2011 to dead last in 2015.
  • Alabama is dead last in Math and ELA.  See here.
  • Protect all children from “irreversible damage” due to 4 years of CC Math documented by California data under Phil Daro CC Math.  Alabama is ending its 4th year now!   THIS TRAVESTY MUST STOP. See pre-eminent math standards writer Dr. James Milgram letter.
  • Experimenting with education in Alabama is failing our students.  That failure correlates directly with implementation of common core.  What higher priority can there be than to correct this problem?
  • The Alabama Senate must send a message to the State School Board to fast track replacement of common core standards with what was working in Alabama and nationwide prior to common core.
  • Alabama being dead last demands drastic, urgent action. Denial won’t fix the demonstrated problem.
  • The Senate must insist that we repeal common core and replace it with proven,superior traditional standards.
  • Parents, students and educators deserve better than a regimen imposed upon our children through the ordered Obama administration incentives and regulations.
  • Please instruct and enable educators in Alabama to restore sound education practices.
  • Alabama’s economic success and growth demands repeal of common core.

Senate Rules Committee:
Sen. Jabo Waggoner  (334)242-7892  jabo.waggoner@alsenate.gov
Sen. Billy Beasley (334)242-7868 billy.beasley@alsenate.gov
Sen. Dick Brewbaker (334)242-7895 dick.brewbaker@alsenate.gov
Sen. Gerald Dial (334)242-7874  gerald_dial@yahoo.com
Sen. Vivian Figures (334)242-7871  vivian.figures@alsenate.gov
Sen. Rusty Glover (334)242-7886  rusty.glover@alsenate.gov
Sen. Bill Hightower (334)242-7882  bill.hightower@alsenate.gov
Sen. Jimmy Holley (334)242-7845
Sen. Jim McClendon (334)242-7898 jimmcc@windstream.net
Sen. Arthur Orr (334)242-7891
Sen. Trip Pittman (334) 7897  trip.pittman@alsenate.gov
Sen. Greg Reed (334)242-7894  greg.reed@alsenate.gov
Sen. Paul Sanford (334)242-7867 paul.sanford@alsenate.gov
Sen. Clay Scofield (334)242-7876  clay.scofield@alsenate.gov
Sen Rodger Smitherman (334)242-7870 rodger.smitherman@alsenate.gov
Sen. Phil Williams (334)242-7857  phil@williamsstatesenate.com

For documentation see alabamaeagle.org or call (205)879-7096.