Social and Emotional Learning, Privacy dangers, and Common Core Still Remain in Latest Draft AL State ESSA Consolidated Plan

  Eagle Forum of Alabama has fully examined each version of the Alabama State Consolidated ESSA Plan. See our first full analysis here, presented to then Superintendent Sentance.  The latest draft of the Alabama State Consolidated ESSA Plan does have some improvements since the first drafts, such as the removal of the Alabama Ascending Plan, however, major problems remain. Most importantly, social and emotional learning (SEL) programs, privacy concerns, and Common Core remain in the current plan that the board will vote on this Thursday.  See Eagle Forum of Alabama’s latest analysis on the new draft and the remaining problems which must be addressed.
         Eagle Forum of Alabama encourages the Interim Superintendent Ed Richardson, Governor Ivey, and the State Board of Education to take the best advantage of ESSA that is possible under the law. Unless the items or areas allowing for flexibility under ESSA are utilized, no greater flexibility will be achieved for Alabama in education. We recommend that the State Board of Education vote down The Plan in its current form until these recommended changes have been made, since The Plan will be a legally binding document with the federal government. There is no guarantee the USDOE will approve amendments or changes at a later time for Alabama.
        Ultimately ESSA is a policy paradox for Alabama as there is some opportunity for flexibility and movement away from the failed federal initiatives. However, there remains extensive and coercive federal overreach under ESSA.

         Eagle Forum of Alabama supports the ALSDE in movements toward greater flexibility and independence from the federal government.  This approach will yield greater positive results for student achievement, involved parents, and inspired educators. Please encourage your Alabama State Board of Education member to vote down the plan unless these important changes our made. Contact your Alabama State Board of Education member today.  Tell them to oppose the plan as submitted because SEL, Common Core and invasive data collection harm Alabama’s students. We want true academically superior standards and programs. Contact your board members now!