Legislative Scorecards Are In!

Legislative Scorecards Are In!

We just finished compiling our legislative scorecard for the Alabama legislature. It covers some of our priority bills for the 2019-2022 quadrennium. The bills listed on the scorecards are based on the bills to which we had alerted our members. We hope you will find this review helpful as you are deciding for whom to vote in the May 24th Republican primary. There is also a link in the next section where you can review completed candidate questionnaires.


Senate Republican Scorecard Here


House Republican Scorecard Here


Scorecard key


A few notes:

  • We did not list bills for the 2020 session. It ended early due to COVID and our priority bills did not make it to the floor for votes.
  • Some bills listed on the House scorecard may not show up on the Senate card (and vice versa) because either they were not voted on in the other chamber or all Republicans in the other chamber voted unanimously. (We had to save room on the scorecard so it could be readable.)
  • If you want to know more about a specific bill you can look it up by the bill number and year on ALISON, the official AL legislative website.
  • Eagle Forum of Alabama does not endorse candidates.


View completed candidate questionnaires here.