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The Week Ahead

Committee Activity: Senate: SB34–Amends the Alabama Code to provide child includes children in utero.  A positive drug test at time of birth shall create the presumption of exposure in utero. SB167–Prohibiting lawsuits against restaurants for obesity SB 301–Defines “person” to include all humans from the moment of fertilization SB308–Right to Know and See legislation requiring […]

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Legislative Week in Review

The Alabama Legislature had another busy week.  The Alabama House passed several sunset bills along with the following: Rep. Paul DeMarco’s HB25 Fiscal Transparency Legislation requiring the State Finance Department to produce monthly financial reports for the General Fund and the Education Trust Fund, and to publish them in a prominent place on the department’s website. This […]

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Calls To House Health Committee Needed

The House Health Committee will meet on Wednesday morning at 9:00am and will consider the Health Care Rights of Conscience Act (HB178).  This legislation gives health care providers, institutions and payers the right to decline to perform services that violate their consciences.  Eagle Forum urges Health Committee members to support this legislation. House Health Committee […]

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House Votes To Defund Planned Parenthood

Last Friday, the U.S. House of Representatives voted on an amendment to the budget that defunded Planned Parenthood.  That amendment passed by a vote of 240-185.  The New York Daily News has a good recap: The amendment was part of a bill to cut $61 billion from hundreds of federal programs, which passed in the […]

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Your Taxpayer Dollars At Work

This is an outrage.  It doesn’t matter whether you are pro-life or not, you should be furious that this is what your hard-earned tax dollars are paying for.  De-funding Planned Parenthood should be at the top of the GOP agenda.

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