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Republican Senators, Representatives Ask State Board of Education To Rescind Adoption Of Common Core Standards

13 senators and 8 representatives recently wrote to Governor Bentley and the State Board of Education to ask them to revoke adoption of the Common Core Standards Initiative and refuse any monies tied to a national curriculum. We would like to thank Senators Gerald Allen, Scott Beason, Dick Brewbaker, Paul Bussman, Rusty Glover, Bill Holtzclaw, […]

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More On Yesterday’s Ruling On Immigration Bill

We’ve spoken with one of the nation’s top immigration lawyers, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, who had this to say about yesterday’s ruling: “The decision was a significant victory for Alabama.  Judge Blackburn sustained 75% of Alabama’s HB 56, including the most important sections.  This decision vindicates the Republican legislative sponsors of the bill, […]

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A Victory For The Rule Of Law

Today, U.S. District Judge Sharon Blackburn lifted a temporary injunction on key parts of Alabama’s new immigration law.  Known as the Beason-Hammon Taxpayer and Citizens Protection Act, the law is currently the strongest in the country.  The U.S. Department of Justice filed suit against the state and asked Judge Blackburn for an injunction to prevent […]

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School Choice Should Be At The Top Of The Agenda For 2012 Legislative Session

It’s that time of year again.  Children across Alabama have dragged out their backpacks, sharpened their pencils and gone back to school.  The beginning of the school year gives teachers and students a fresh start and legislators a new chance to study what our state is doing right and wrong in regard to education. During […]

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States Facing Tough Choices Regarding Retirement Plans

Alabama is not the only state facing tough decisions on retirement plans.  Governors across the country are being faced with decisions about how to get by with less.  Revenues are down and federal stimulus money has dried up and Governors are having to prioritize. In Alabama, legislation for 2012 may focus on the best way […]

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2011 Freedom in the 50 States: Alabama is #19

The Mercatus Center at George Mason University has updated their Freedom in the 50 States ranking.  First debuting in 2009, the study “ranks the American states on their public policies that affect individual freedoms in the economic, social, and personal spheres.” There were a few surprises with New Hampshire ranking #1 and some that were […]

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Reforming Alabama: Recapping the 2011 Legislative Session

Focus Of 2011 Session Was Serious Reforms Last Thursday marked the end of the first Republican-controlled legislative session in 136 years.  It was an extremely productive session with Republicans passing several badly needed reforms.  The first of these was Representative Greg Canfield’s Rolling Reserve Budget Act which also had the distinction of being the first […]

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Eagle Forum Congratulates Legislators on Passage of Students First Act

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 05/26/11 Contact:  Brooklyn Roberts Eagle Forum Congratulates Legislators On Passage Of Students First Act (Birmingham)  This week, despite AEA union bosses’ efforts to stop meaningful reform, SB310 also known as the Students First Act passed the Alabama House. “The real winners tonight were Alabama’s students and parents who will benefit from schools’ […]

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Ask Your Legislator To Put Students First

We need your calls to help pass teacher tenure reform in the Alabama House! This week, the Alabama House will consider one of the most significant education reform proposals in the last decade–teacher tenure reform.  The AEA union bosses have prevented meaningful reform of our state tenure laws and have protected teachers at all cost, […]

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A Summary of the Legislative Session So Far: What Has Passed and What To Look For

The Alabama Legislature has had an extremely productive legislative session so far.  Without gambling stopping things up, they have been able to pass much-needed reforms.  Below we’ve put together an overview of what they have passed so far and what is ahead.  The legislature has taken a two week break to do redistricting, and will […]

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