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Legislative Week in Review–Week 1

The Alabama legislature gaveled in at 12 noon on March 1, 2011 with a Republican-controlled House and Senate.  It was a very busy week that followed as the GOP is moving legislation quickly through committee.  Here are some of the key pieces of legislation that came out of committee this week: HB57–Rep. Greg Canfield’s Rolling […]

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Check Out The Video Of AL Government 101

Here’s the video from Alabama Government 101 for anyone who missed it: Alabama Government 101 Part 1 from Eagle Forum of Alabama on Vimeo. Alabama Government 101 Part 2 from Eagle Forum of Alabama on Vimeo.

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Start of the 2011 Legislative Session

The Alabama Legislature will gavel in tomorrow at 12 noon.  Here’s a preview of what you can expect during this session: The 2011 legislative session can be summed up in one word–Budget.  It’s all about the budget this year.  Revenue shortfalls and the loss of federal stimulus money have led to serious budget woes for […]

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Senator Calls For More Transparency in Campaign Finance

Senator Cam Ward has a great article at Doc’s Political Parlor describing legislation to bring more transparency to campaign finance in this state.  Currently campaign finance reports are filed by mail or in person and scanned copies are available online.  As Cam points out, this makes searching them impossible. Under this legislation, once a campaign […]

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2011 Legislative Agenda

We’ve been working hard over the past couple of months to put together a solid, conservative and realistic agenda for the coming legislative session.  These are the policy items we’re going to be working on come March.  During the special session in December, we distributed copies of our legislative agenda to the new legislature. I’ve […]

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Governor-Elect Bentley and AG-Elect Strange Release Statement on Gambling

Today, Governor-Elect Robert Bentley and Attorney General-Elect Luther Strange released the following statement on Governor Riley’s Gambling Task Force: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE –Revised to correct a typographical error– December 29, 2010 Contact: Jessica Garrison on behalf of Bentley and Strange, 205-568-4371 Governor-Elect Bentley to Assign Gambling Task Force to AG-Elect Strange Bentley, Strange Issue Joint […]

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Stop Taxpayer Funded Deduction of Political Dues

For many years, Democrat led legislatures have forced taxpayers to pick up the tab when state employees and education workers have dues automatically deducted from their paycheck and sent to their unions.  Those deductions go to union PACs and organizations to fund political activities.  The cost of providing this service is a whopping $2,500,000 a […]

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Unfunded Pension Liabilities Are A Growing Problem Nationwide

David Brooks highlights the budget problems states are facing due to unfunded pension liabilities: New Jersey can’t afford to build its tunnel, but benefits packages for the state’s employees are 41 percent more expensive than those offered by the average Fortune 500 company. These benefits costs are rising by 16 percent a year. New York […]

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