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Stop Taxpayer Funded Deduction of Political Dues

For many years, Democrat led legislatures have forced taxpayers to pick up the tab when state employees and education workers have dues automatically deducted from their paycheck and sent to their unions.  Those deductions go to union PACs and organizations to fund political activities.  The cost of providing this service is a whopping $2,500,000 a […]

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Eagle Forum of Alabama Statement on the Beason Substitute Bill

Eagle Forum is one of many organizations that have voiced the need for ethics reform in Alabama.  Recent accusations of government malfeasance and misconduct have underscored the need for reform.  Unfortunately for many years that has been a lost cause; but the events on November 2, 2010 gave the concept fresh legs when voters in […]

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Unfunded Pension Liabilities Are A Growing Problem Nationwide

David Brooks highlights the budget problems states are facing due to unfunded pension liabilities: New Jersey can’t afford to build its tunnel, but benefits packages for the state’s employees are 41 percent more expensive than those offered by the average Fortune 500 company. These benefits costs are rising by 16 percent a year. New York […]

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Ethics Reform Should Be A Priority For Alabama Legislators

Alabama’s ethics law was last updated in 1992.  Since then, we’ve had multiple legislators indicted, and reportedly one of the largest investigations into public corruption in the country. The BGA Integrity Index ranks Alabama 4th in the nation in terms of public corruption.  If ever there was a need for ethics reform, Alabama has it. […]

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