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ACT NOW: Ask Your Representative to Support HB424

ASAP – Please ask your State Representative and key legislators listed below to vote for the Alabama Ahead Act (HB424) to restore sound, state-controlled education in Alabama so that our students will excel, not just be common. Please let us know their response. Speaker Mike Hubbard; Education Policy Committee Members: Chairman Terri Collins, Oliver Robinson, Mack Butler (co-sponsor), Barbara Drummond, Bob Fincher  (sponsor), […]

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Hear our new radio ad!

We are excited to announce that we have a commercial airing now on the Rick and Bubba Show (WZZK), regarding Dr. James Milgram’s warning of the “irreversible harm” that is likely to occur after four years of Common Core Math.  Alabama students are currently experiencing their third year.   See the text of the ad below, or you may […]

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Tennessee Replaces Common Core With Only One Dissenting Vote

Common Core is Replaced in Tennessee! Hallelujah!  EVERY Tennessee legislator except ONE voted to Replace Common Core.  The Governor was involved in the legislative process and will sign the bill into law. The South Carolina legislature passed a replacement bill in June 2014.  In March 2015, the SC Board of Education adopted replacement standards. The […]

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Information for Your Pastor

Following is the resolution that was unanimously approved by representatives of the 1.1 million member Alabama Baptist Convention in November 2014 which called for the repeal of the Common Core State Standards in Alabama.  Please forward this resolution to your pastor and ask that he share it with his state senator and representative with the request that they […]

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Alabama For Marriage

Alabama!  Be a voice for truth: Marriage = One Man + One Woman God created it. Nature Reveals it. Societies thrive on it. Children are nurtured by it. History affirms it. The gospel is exemplified by it. Man doesn’t change it.  As the U.S. Supreme Court prepares to rule on marriage in June, you have a […]

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Update: Replace Common Core bill moving in Senate

The Senate Education Committee will be voting on Senator Rusty Glover’s SB101, the Alabama Ahead Act, that will repeal Common Core, this Wednesday, April 15th.  Please contact the committee members, thank them for hearing us at this past Wednesday’s hearing and ask that they vote FOR SB101. Brewbaker, Chairperson; Ross, Vice Chairperson; Bussman, Figures, Marsh, McClendon, Pittman, Sanders, Shelnutt. SB101 […]

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We Must Adopt the Best Academic Standards

GUEST COLUMNIST: We must adopt the best academic standards By Eunie Smith Published: Saturday, April 4, 2015 at 3:30 a.m. Under Common Core, Alabama is progressing downward to a woefully inferior academic education under this one-size-fits-all national mandate. The first assessment results show that only 62 percent are proficient in English and only a pitiful […]

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Science Textbook Reviewers Needed!

Dear Concerned Citizen:   Eagle Forum has facilitated participation in textbook review by Alabamians for decades.  We are writing to you today because of your interest in education and concern for the students of our great state.  The next textbook committee will be reviewing science textbooks. These textbooks will be used by our students for […]

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Hearing in Montgomery on Monday

Dear Eagles, We need your help! You have a great opportunity to fight Common Core and Plan 2020 in Alabama. The ALSDE has proposed a Comprehensive Counseling and Guidance Model (CCGM) which is a major part of the intrusive data collection of the Common Core Initiative.A public hearing before State Department personnel will be held this […]

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Alabama Teachers Speak In Spite of Threats

COURAGEOUS ALABAMA TEACHERS SPEAK OUT AGAINST COMMON CORE  Current Alabama teacher who must remain anonymous to keep her job: “My husband said to me, ‘You’re like an artist who has been placed on an assembly line, and those children are products going across that line’.  Yes; we’re cookie cutter teachers producing cookie cutter children…” SEE TEACHER INTERVIEWS It […]

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