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Pediatric Association on Marriage Opinion

This past Friday, the President of the American College of Pediatricians, Dr. Michelle Cretella, criticized the Supreme Court’s decision to force every state in America to allow sodomy-based “marriage.”  Dr. Cretella argues,“[T]his is a tragic day for America’s children. The SCOTUS has just undermined the single greatest pro-child institution in the history of mankind: the natural family. Just as it did in the joint Roe v Wade and Doe v Bolton decisions, the SCOTUS has elevated and enshrined the wants of adults over the needs of children.”

At their website, the College has posted a wealth of information and scientific evidence that same-sex “marriage” is destructive to children and that children do best in natural families. In April, the College posted the following press release to their website, urging the Supreme Court to protect America’s children.

Same-Sex Marriage – Detrimental to Children
April 29, 2015 in Press Release

“The American College of Pediatricians urges the Supreme Court of the United States to consider the well-being of children in the case before them this week to legalize same-sex marriage.  While the debate over the legitimacy of same-sex marriage can be viewed from many perspectives, there should be little debate about the effects it has upon children: Same-sex marriage deliberately deprives the child of a mother or a father, and is therefore detrimental.  The College advocates for children in this debate from an objective position grounded in scientific evidence.

President, Michelle Cretella, states ‘The court must understand the gravity of their decision in its impact upon children around the world.  Every child needs a mother and a father.  Same-sex marriage directly disenfranchises children of this right.’

There is unequivocal evidence of the fundamental value of the married, father-mother family unit to the optimal development of the child.  For more information, including a link to the Amicus Brief filed with the Supreme Court, visit the Same-Sex Marriage page on the College website.”


Praise God for Sen. Jeff Sessions and for those four Alabama Congressmen who supported him with their votes on the TAA (Trade Adjustment Assistance) bill in the House on Friday – Brooks, Byrne, Palmer and RobyPlease thank them.  Please ask all Alabama House members to vote against TAA if Boehner brings it up again this week.  Capitol Switchboard (202) 224-3121

Here is a rundown on the issue:
1. Consolidation Of Power In The Executive Branch. TPA eliminates Congress’ ability to amend or debate trade implementing legislation and guarantees an up-or-down vote on a far-reaching international agreement before that agreement has received any public review.

2. Increased Trade Deficits. History suggests that trade deals set into motion under the 6-year life of TPA could exacerbate our trade imbalance, acting as an impediment to both GDP and wage growth.

 3. Ceding Sovereign Authority To International Powers. A USTR outline of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (which TPA would expedite) notes in the “Key Features” summary that the TPP is a “living agreement.” This means the TPP commission could change the agreement as they please with no input from a Congress, including the entry of foreign workers. 

4.  Currency Manipulation. What is known about the agreement thus far is that it doesn’t address currency manipulation at all, which in one of major problems in our dealings with trading partners. 

5.  Immigration Increases. The plain language of TPA provides avenues for the Administration and its trading partners to facilitate the expanded movement of foreign workers into the U.S.—including visitor visas that are used as worker visas, especially since it is a “living agreement.

See how your Congressman voted on both TPA and TAA below. Also, read Sen. Sessions warns of another attempt to pass Obamatrade here.




EF National


TAA Fails – TPA Passes

June 12, 2015

Today, the House of Representatives considered two controversial trade related bills, Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) and Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), that would empower President Obama to finish massive “free trade” agreements, namely the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

The complicated vote series left the fate of the package up in the air. First came the vote for Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA). This ineffective and wasteful government program supposedly helps workers who lose their jobs due to foreign trade; in reality, it’s a bribe to garner Democrat support for trade.

Most Democrats voted against TAA in an effort to kill the whole trade package, and most Republicans opposed TAA as useless government spending. That left 86 Republicans who voted yes, either in support of more government spending or out of total commitment to moving President Obama’s top current legislative priority, TPA.

The following Representatives should hear your disapproval. Please call or tweet them this weekend:

Bishop (MI)
Brady (TX)
Brooks (IN)
Costello (PA)
Curbelo (FL)
Davis, Rodney
Emmer (MN)
Graves (MO)
Herrera Beutler
Huizenga (MI)
Hurt (VA)
Johnson (OH)
Kelly (PA)
King (NY)
Kinzinger (IL)
McMorris Rodgers
Miller (MI)
Murphy (PA)
Rogers (AL)
Rogers (KY)
Ryan (WI)
Thompson (PA)
Walters, Mimi
Wilson (SC)
Young (IA)

The TAA vote failed, but the House moved onto the second part of the package, Trade Promotion Authority (TPA). TPA empowers President Obama to make his trade deals with foreign countries and takes away Congress’s ability to amend any agreement. Only 54 Republicans voted NO. Please call and thank them for their brave vote:

Brooks (AL)
Clawson (FL)
Collins (GA)
Collins (NY)
Duncan (SC)
Duncan (TN)
Jenkins (WV)
Mooney (WV)
Smith (NJ)
Webster (FL)
Young (AK)

Please note that while they voted NO on TPA, the following Representatives voted YES on TAA: Aderholt, Donovan, McKinley, Jolly, and Katko.

Although the failure of TAA today delays the process, Speaker Boehner has the power to bring TAA back to the floor next week. The outcome of that vote will determine the fate of this trade package.

Please keep up the pressure! Contact your Representative and urge him or her to vote NO on TAA when it comes back next week. 

Capitol Switchboard (202) 224-3121


Action: Students are not Data

The State Board of Education is expected to vote on the proposed 2015 Comprehensive Counseling and Guidance Model (CCGM) at its June 11 meeting.

Eagle Forum considers this plan to be beyond the legitimate purview of counselors and an overreach that could be harmful rather than helpful to students and their families.  Eagle Forum believes the family is the rightful place for inculcating values and determining career choices.  It states, “All students will receive a data-informed counseling and guidance program that promotes academic achievement, career readiness, and personal/social development.” (p. 1)

  • CCGM shifts the primary goal of school counselors from helping children to collecting data on students and pushing Common Core objectives. (p. 38)
  • CCGM sets goals for changes in students’ behavior, emotions, feelings, attitudes, values and beliefs, thus expanding public authority over private lives of students into the affective domain, which has never before been allowed in Alabama schools (p. 16)
  • CCGM mandates in K-2 exercises to “identify changing family roles” (p. 15), “various family configurations” (p. 16) rather than modelling a natural family to which all may equally aspire
  • CCGM mandates acceptance of alternative lifestyles (p. 16)
  • CCGM violates students’ fundamental right to privacy by requiring students to disclose criminal records, language spoken in the home, socio-economic data, family composition, disability, beliefs, thus also violating student/professional counselor privacy protocol (p. 39 -40)
  • CCGM implements a series of assessments (with data collection and retention) that can disserve students by limiting student academic options and career possibilities: an assessment in the third grade that sets a trajectory for career tracking (ACT Aspire), another single assessment in the 8th grade (ACT Explore), and another in the 11th grade (ACT WorkKeys) with the resultant “annual career plan” to be only “annually approved” by the parents.  Career exploration/planning is desirable, but career tracking is unacceptable in a free society.  (p. 12-13)

You may view the CCGM herePlease ask your State School Board member here, to preserve proper counseling roles and stop this new model.  It facilitates psychological testing on all children and opens the door for school based health clinics, which would further usurp parental rights and responsibilities.

Eunie Smith, President
Eagle Forum of Alabama

Dr. Alveda King’s Letter to Alabama Legislators on Common Core

May 22, 2015An Open LetterDear Alabama Legislator,The deep and sustaining desire that every child in Alabama will be given the best education possible to be ready to act upon God’s leading in his or her life is surely important to you.

To that end, please consider finding more creative solutions than what is offered in the one size fits all Common Core curriculum. Because we live in a one stop, instant coffee type of environment, we can be misled to believe that something like Common Core will fit the desired bill; but mounting research indicates that COMMON CORE will do more harm than good; hurting most those least able to pull themselves up out of the current educational environment of muck and more. All children need to and deserve to access their full God-given potential. By design, Common Core treats every child as a statistic to be measured by standardized tests.

The following statement from the Chicago Teachers Union in opposition to Common Core is relevant: “Common Core eliminates creativity in the classroom …We also know that high-stakes standardized testing is designed to rank and sort our children and it contributes significantly to racial discrimination and the achievement gap among students in America’s schools.” 9/8/2014 This sorting of students in Alabama based on the color of their skin or their parents income and the setting of lower achievement goals for African Americans than Caucasians has been widely reported. If teachers are told to expect less from minorities, they are likely to get less.

Additional concerns regarding Common Core are the lack of access to parents and local communities in contributing to what children are taught and how they are tested. Please ask yourself this: “Will our students be indoctrinated against the values of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness enshrined in our Constitution?” These American values remain part of the sustaining success of our nation. Yet, there is a not so subtle erosion of these values. By design, Common Core will only add to this decline.  When Common Core is fully implemented, parents and our local communities will have little to no control over what is taught to our children through nationally prescribed Common Core assessments and the curriculum that has been developed to match those assessments.

Also, with the full disclosure features of Common Core, invasive, non-academic personal and family data being kept on state data bases will be at risk, with little or no guarantee that they can and will be protected.

As public Servants, you have the power to really assist children, their families and the communities you represent; please regain control over education in Alabama by passing the Alabama Ahead Act (SB101, HB424) ASAP. You can enable students to rise to new heights instead of holding them down to the lowest common denominator.

May God bless you – especially in your legislative endeavors that impact so many people.

Most sincerely,

Alveda Celeste King
Founder of Alveda King Ministries
Former College Professor and Author of KING RULES
3695F Cascade Road, Suite 307
Atlanta, GA 30331

Attend the “Alabama for Marriage Rally” – June 6th in Montgomery

Eagle Forum of Alabama President Eunie Smith will be a speaker at the Alabama for Marriage Rally on June 6th in Montgomery.  Click here to print a copy of the flyer below.

ACT NOW: Ask Your Representative to Support HB424

ASAP – Please ask your State Representative and key legislators listed below to vote for the Alabama Ahead Act (HB424) to restore sound, state-controlled education in Alabama so that our students will excel, not just be common. Please let us know their response.

Speaker Mike Hubbard; Education Policy Committee Members: Chairman Terri Collins, Oliver Robinson, Mack Butler (co-sponsor), Barbara Drummond, Bob Fincher  (sponsor), Ed Henry, Barry Moore, Jim Patterson, Chris Pringle, Rod Scott, Patricia Todd, Phil Williams, Chairman Rules Committee Mac McCutcheon.  To find your Representative, click here.

If your representative is a co-sponsor, please thank him and ask that he encourage Speaker Hubbard to put HB424 on the Special Order Calendar.

HB424 co-sponsors: Bob Fincher (sponsor), Arnold Mooney, Matt Fridy, Tommy Hanes, Ritchie Whorton, Nathaniel Ledbetter, Corey Harbison, Mike Holmes, Rich Wingo, Dickie Drake, Jack W. Williams, Randall Shedd, Steve Hurst, Mike MillicanRon Johnson, Dimitri Polizos, Reed Ingram, Paul Beckman, Randy Davis, Issac Whorton, Lynn Greer, Phillip Pettus, Mack Butler and Steve McMillan.

Hear our new radio ad!

We are excited to announce that we have a commercial airing now on the Rick and Bubba Show (WZZK), regarding Dr. James Milgram’s warning of the “irreversible harm” that is likely to occur after four years of Common Core Math.  Alabama students are currently experiencing their third year.   See the text of the ad below, or you may click on the link to hear it (will not play on Explorer).  Then contact your Senator and Representative and ask them to support SB101 in the Alabama Senate and HB424 in the Alabama House of Representatives.  Visit our “Find Your Legislators” tab here to find and contact yours.


Students in Alabama will soon embark on their 4th year of common core mathematics. Professor James Milgram, a national expert on school math standards, has a warning for Alabama parents. “Alabama friends, you need to be aware that four years of common core math can do students irreversible harm based on our experience in California”. Professor Milgram knows what he’s talking about. He authored the 1997 California Standards proving to be the best math standards in the nation. His advice to us: “Ask your state Senator to support Senate Bill 101 in the Alabama Legislature”.  Go now to There you can email your state legislator directly.  Ask your state Senator to support Senate Bill 101, and repeal common core.  “Protect Alabama students from the irreversible damage”.  Again, that’s  Paid for by Eagle Forum of Alabama.



Tennessee Replaces Common Core With Only One Dissenting Vote

Common Core is Replaced in Tennessee!

Hallelujah!  EVERY Tennessee legislator except ONE voted to Replace Common Core.  The Governor was involved in the legislative process and will sign the bill into law.

The South Carolina legislature passed a replacement bill in June 2014.  In March 2015, the SC Board of Education adopted replacement standards.

The Alabama Ahead Act, SB101 AND HB424, provides for the BEST replacement process.

What about it, Alabama?!!


Tennessee facts:


SB 1163 by *Bell, (HB 1035) by *Spivey
These three amendments now make up the body of SB1163-HB1035:
Amendment 1Amendment 2Amendment 3

These are final Votes:

House Floor and Committee Votes


Representatives voting aye were: Akbari, Alexander, Armstrong, Beck, Brooks H., Brooks K., Butt, Byrd, Calfee, Camper, Carter, Casada, Clemmons, Coley, Cooper, Daniel, DeBerry, Doss, Dunlap, Dunn, Durham, Eldridge, Faison, Farmer, Favors, Fitzhugh, Forgety, Gilmore, Goins, Gravitt, Halford, Hardaway, Harrison, Hawk, Haynes, Hazlewood, Hill M., Hill T., Holsclaw, Holt, Howell, Hulsey, Jernigan, Johnson, Jones, Kane, Keisling, Kumar, Lamberth, Littleton, Lollar, Love, Lundberg, Lynn, Madam Speaker Harwell, Marsh, Matheny, Matlock, McCormick, McDaniel, McManus, Miller, Mitchell, Moody, Parkinson, Pitts, Pody, Powell, Powers, Ragan, Ramsey, Reedy, Rogers, Sanderson, Sargent, Sexton C., Sexton J., Shaw, Shepard, Smith, Sparks, Spivey, Stewart, Swann, Terry, Todd, Towns, Travis, Turner, Van Huss, Weaver, White D., White M., Wilburn, Williams, Windle, Wirgau — 97.

Senate Floor and Committee Votes

HB1035 by Spivey – FLOOR VOTE: THIRD CONSIDERATION 4/21/2015

Senators voting aye were: Bailey, Beavers, Bell, Bowling, Briggs, Crowe, Dickerson, Gardenhire, Green, Gresham, Hensley, Jackson, Johnson, Kelsey, Ketron, Kyle, McNally, Mr. Speaker Ramsey, Niceley, Norris, Overbey, Roberts, Southerland, Stevens, Tracy, Watson, Yager, Yarbro — 28.
Senators voting no were: Harris — 1.

NOTE:  This is the bill we passed last year:
See Section 1 especially.

Information for Your Pastor

Following is the resolution that was unanimously approved by representatives of the 1.1 million member Alabama Baptist Convention in November 2014 which called for the repeal of the Common Core State Standards in Alabama.  Please forward this resolution to your pastor and ask that he share it with his state senator and representative with the request that they stop the miseducation and indoctrination of our children by supporting SB101 to replace common core with sound, superior standards.  SB101 has passed the Senate Education Committee and is in the Senate Rules Committee chaired by Sen. Jabo Waggoner.  We need it to get to the floor quickly so that the House will have time to act.  You may also want to print the resolution yourself to give to your representatives.

Information on how to find your senator and representative is here.

The following documentation appeared on the resolution that was submitted to the Resolutions Committee.


[2] Comprehensive Counseling and Guidance Model for Alabama Public Schools




Alabama For Marriage


Alabama!  Be a voice for truth: Marriage = One Man + One Woman

God created it. Nature Reveals it. Societies thrive on it. Children are nurtured by it.
History affirms it. The gospel is exemplified by it. Man doesn’t change it. 

As the U.S. Supreme Court prepares to rule on marriage in June, you have a duty to
speak up while the very nature of marriage is being threatened.  Devotion to Christ,
love for your country and concern for your children demand immediate action.   

During the month of May, join thousands of believers at events across Alabama, and in Montgomery on June 6th, to send a united message to elected officials, the Supreme
Court and the world: Alabama is for Marriage.  

Go to for more information. 

Attend an event near you | Come to Montgomery on June 6th | Help Spread the Word

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