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Alabama Baptist Convention Passes Resolution Against Common Core


The following documentation appeared on the resolution that was submitted to the Resolutions Committee.


[2] Comprehensive Counseling and Guidance Model for Alabama Public Schools




Public Review of Alabama’s English and Math Standards

Alabamians United for Excellence in Education
Immediate Media Release

The process set forth in the Public Review of Alabama’s English and Math Standards announced 10/6/2014, is an apparent ploy to placate parents who see their children hurt by the imposition of common core standards, methodology, curriculum and assessments. This process will not solicit any meaningful discussion nor substantive correction of the dilemma in which the majority vote of the State Board and the inaction of the State Legislature have left students, parents and teachers in Alabama by virtue of the implementation of the Common Core State Standards Initiative.

To expect parents who are not fluent in educational jargon to suggest revisions to individual standards – especially when so much of the problem comes from the overall structure – is an utterly useless enterprise. As long as the state remains constrained by having adopted ACT common core assessments which are vertically aligned to common core standards, tinkering with the standards themselves in isolation is pointless.

Additionally, since common core standards are copyrighted, no changes can be made in them without express permission of the copyright holders [as evidenced most recently in the attached letter from the National Governors Association dated September 29, 2014, to the Missouri School Boards Association] AND from the U. S. Department of Education under the Alabama’s No Child Left Behind waiver agreement.

Only (1) a complete repeal of the Common Core Initiative with its aligned assessments and accompanying classroom materials and (2) its replacement with sound, proven, superior standards along with tests written in our state by our educators, will suffice.

Save Our Schools

Please call Governor Bentley (334-242-7100) and your state representatives[1] to request that they repeal common core standards and replace them with proven standards in place until 2012-13 in English and 2011-12 in Math.   See entire action sheet at the link below….



Save Our Schools

Helena Town Hall Meeting Common Core

                              Is Common Good Enough For Our Children?
                                              Helena Town Hall Meeting

Join State School Board Member Stephanie Bell, Senator Scott Beason and parents who have personally experienced the frustrations of Common Core.

Helena Sports Complex
May 6th, 2014


Education Reform Should Be Geared Towards Parents, Not Business


Education Reform Should Be Geared Towards Parents, Not Business

Rex Tillerson CEO of Exxon Mobil Uses bully tactics to  advance Common Core.

Rex Tillerson
CEO of Exxon Mobil
Uses bully tactics to advance Common Core.

By Emmett McGroarty & Jane Robbins

Sometimes a combatant in an ideological struggle says something that is refreshing, if disturbing, in its honesty. Such a declaration came recently from Billy Canary, president of the Business Council of Alabama. In explaining why legislators should embrace the Common Core, Mr. Canary said, “The business community is by far the biggest consumer of the product created by our education system.”  Read more here….

Common Core: Destruction of Auto Industry

Fifth graders in 38 systems across Alabama are undergoing weekly assessments “aligned withMcGraw-Hill Wonders and the Common Core State Standards (CCSS)”  focusing on “two key areas of English Language Arts as identified by the CCSS – Reading and Language”.Here are some of those who will be negatively affected by the propaganda in these assessments:
Automobile manufacturing, automobile parts, any device that uses gasoline, bulldozers, anyone who sells gasoline, anyone who sells automobiles, gasoline producers, Alabama coal industry, those who rely on coal for fuel, those elected officials that stand for a Constitutional Republic, etc.  (comments by Danny Hubbard).  You can request a print version of McGraw-Hill curriculum for educational purposes from Eagle Forum of Alabama Following are excerpts from the objectionable assessments:

  • Cars are slowly killing our planet
  • Environmentalists have talked about the dangerous effect of air pollution
  • Governments should make us all buy hybrids
  • Transcontinental car manufacturers should be required to stop selling gas-guzzling cars …[and} sell hybrids at reasonable prices
  • People need to find ways to get around without cars
  • Public transportation may require a slight change in lifestyle…
  • The people who wrote the Constitution of the United States set up a democracy …

As Ben Franklin said after the Constitutional Convention, “We have given you a Republic; if you can keep it.”


  1. If you are in one of the affected school districts, you will want to look at other lessons in this series and talk with your children.  Some environmentalists are simply incorrect in their presuppositions and proposed solutions.
  2. The Business Council of Alabama is aggressively blocking repeal of common core. These lessons advocate the demise of the pro economic development climate we have had in Alabama.  Please contact BCA board members shown here and ask them to oppose this program that indoctrinates Alabama children and to support repeal of common core and replacement with superior Alabama standards, assessments and curriculum that uphold Alabama values of free enterprise under our Constitutional Republic.  For other business talking points, see Common Core Lowers the Bar; but remember these folks are also Moms and Dads!!!
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