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Ask Your Legislators to Stop Trojan Horse SJR 87 (copy 05)

Urgent:  Please contact your Senator and House member to stop SJR 87 RE: SJR 87 asking for term limits via Constitutional Convention In recognition of the fact that an Article V Convention Of States is not a solution, but rather a Trojan Horse, both Maryland and Nevada rescinded all previous calls for a Con Con […]

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“Judges and lawyers are ‘building a bridge’ to evil” by Dr. John Killian

By Dr. John Killian, pastor of Maytown Baptist Church and the former president of the Alabama Baptist State Convention Remember the classic WWII movie about the persistent British colonel who demanded that the Japanese POW Camp Commandant adhere to the rules of the Geneva Convention prohibiting the torture of officers? The Japanese Commandant ended up […]

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Ed Martin’s Slander Against Eagle Forum of Alabama

Dear friends and supporters, I am writing you to set the record straight.  You may have received an email from Ed Martin, who has been employed for approximately 16 months by the National Eagle Forum board on which I serve.  He made statements against me personally as well as Eagle Forum of Alabama. These statements […]

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Andy Schlafly on a Compact for a Balanced Budget Article V Convention

The following letter regarding a Constitutional Convention was sent from Eunie Smith to Alabama Legislators on May 6, 2015.  To:  Alabama Legislators From:  Eunie Smith, President Eagle Forum of Alabama Apparently you have received misinformation regarding Eagle Forum’s position on an Article V Convention.  Please read carefully Eagle Forum Board Member Andy Schlafly’s short statement […]

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We Will Defend Alabama’s Probate Judges

An Open Letter to Alabama Legislators, In an effort to help you encourage your local Probate Judges to stand for natural marriage, I am forwarding the excerpted email below from Mat Staver, chairman of Liberty Counsel.  He has pledged to defend those who refuse to perform ceremonies that violate Alabama’s Constitution. Support for those who resist this […]

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Andy Schlafly’s statement against a Convention of the States

I completely oppose an Article V convention.  It is a dangerous threat to our values and our Nation.  Congress or judicial activism would likely require that the voting at such a convention be in proportion to population, and thereby dominated by liberal states.  They would probably put a right to abortion and homosexual marriage into the Constitution, and repeal the […]

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“Let’s Roll” on Constitution Day, September 17, 2013

Join Patriots across the nation to celebrate Constitution Day on September 17, 2013.  Alabama’s event will be held on the Alabama State Capitol steps and grounds from 10AM until 1PM.  Topics to be discussed are the U.S. Constitution, the IRS, Common Core and Impeachment.  Click on the flyer below for more information.      

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National Popular Vote Is A Bad Idea

Check out Phyllis’ latest column explaining why national popular vote is a bad idea. National Popular Vote Is A Bad Idea by Phyllis Schlafly Moving quietly under cover of presidential debates and the enormous publicity given to the race for the Republican nomination is a plan to change how U.S. Presidents are elected. It would […]

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Thomas Sowell On Affirmative Action, Civil Rights and Welfare

We know this is an old video, but Thomas Sowell’s words of wisdom on Charlie Rose’s show still ring true.  It’s definitely worth 5 minutes of your time.

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New Obama EPA Regulations Will Create 230,000 Jobs And Cost $21 Billion

President Obama has recently submitted a jobs plan to Congress.  Unfortunately for him, the reception has been less than stellar even among members of his own party.  In typical Obama style, he is now going around Congress to start creating those jobs and is spending $21 billion to do so. This is not a new […]

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