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Heritage on National Standards: Big Expense; Very Little Value

Heritage’s Lindsey Burke has written a web memo on national standards which is up today. She makes the case that the implementation of national standards comes at a great expense and results in very little value.  She has a good guide to spending on standards and assessment systems by states: The budgetary impact of jettisoning […]

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Alabama State Board of Education Votes For Common Core Standards Despite Opposition

On November 18, 2010, the Alabama State Board of Education voted to adopt the Common Core State Standards (CCSSI).  These standards are purported to be necessary to provide conformity among states in the curricula for English and math studies.  As discussed in the last EF newsletter, these ‘standards’, which will be enforced by assessments funded […]

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State School Board To Vote On Common Core Standards Tomorrow

It’s the last chance for anyone who opposes turning control of Alabama’s curriculum over to the feds to have their say.  Tomorrow morning, the Alabama State Board of Education will vote on whether to adopt the Common Core Standards in English Language Arts and Mathematics.  While the National Governors Association supports the proposed initiative, problems […]

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Concerned Women For America Oppose Common Core Standards

Today, Concerned Women for America (CWA) released a statement in opposition to the adoption of the Common Core Standards Initiative by the Alabama State Board of Education. Here’s an excerpt: Concerned Women for America of Alabama stands in opposition to the state‟s adoption of the Common Core State Standards. The battle being waged in Alabama […]

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API’s Gary Palmer Speaks Out Against Common Core Standards

Alabama Policy Institute president Gary Palmer recently wrote on the problems with common core standards. The federal government now controls two major car companies, has wasted over $860 billion on a failed economic stimulus plan, taken over our health care system, put the nation’s banks and financial systems under its enormous thumb and attempted to […]

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We Must Stop the Federal Takeover of Education

Eagle Forum has worked hard to stop the federal takeover of education in this country–most recently by fighting the adoption of common core standards.  Some people argue that common standards are not a bad thing.  We frequently hear people say, “when a student moves from one state to another state, common standards ensure the student […]

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Public Schools Are Failing…Could Complete Privatization Be The Answer?

David Warren argues that privatization is precisely the answer to our epidemic of failing schools.  He points out that the concept of public education has long been engrained in the minds of Americans, but it didn’t start out that way.  In fact, the Constitution says nothing about public education… In the case of education, we […]

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'Waiting For Superman' Not What We've Been Waiting For?

Neal McCluskey points out the producers of Waiting For Superman have their own agenda, beyond charter schools. Unfortunately, Waiting for “Superman” doesn’t just seem to want to make people wait for good schools by promoting charter schools and not full choice. On its “take action” website, it prominently promotes the very opposite of parent empowerment: Uniform, government-imposed, national standards for every […]

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