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The Week Ahead

Committee Activity:


SB34–Amends the Alabama Code to provide child includes children in utero.  A positive drug test at time of birth shall create the presumption of exposure in utero.

SB167–Prohibiting lawsuits against restaurants for obesity

SB 301–Defines “person” to include all humans from the moment of fertilization

SB308–Right to Know and See legislation requiring ultrasounds before abortions

SB202–Federal Abortion Opt Out Act prohibits insurance plans that cover abortion from participating in the state insurance exchange mandated by the Obamacare legislation.


HB425–Moving state presidential preference primary to first Tuesday in March along with the general primary in presidential years.

HB324–moving property tax reappraisal on Class II and Class III property to every four years.

HB123–Education Budget

HB365–Informing consumers of duty to pay state and local sales tax on goods purchased over the internet.

Lots of activity on the House and Senate floor as well.  The General Fund budget is scheduled to pass this week probably Thursday.  I hear the House may take up Rep. Hammon’s immigration legislation (HB56).  It’s the eighth bill on the House Regular Calendar, so there’s a good chance they will take it up.

Highlights from this week’s Regular Calendar:


SB84–Limiting liability for property owners who lease for purposes of hunting or fishing.

SB140–Forever Wild reauthorization

SB127–Limiting terms in the Alabama House and/or Senate to 3 terms.

SB112–Removes racist language and references from the Alabama Constitution

SB17–Easing the ballot access requirements

SB50–Tax credits for creating jobs

SB152–Grants small businesses (less than 10 employees) that locate or expand in Alabama a 5-year property tax exemption.


HB32–Moving the presidential preference primary to June beginning in 2012

HB56–Immigration reform legislation

National Eagle Forum PAC Endorses Alabama Candidates

Dear Alabama Eagles:

The 2010 election is the most important election of our time.  We must stop Barack Obama from (as he said) “fundamentally transforming” America by spending us into bankruptcy.  The only way to call a halt and Take Back America is to elect a new Congress in November.  In Alabama, you have the opportunity to vote for conservatives at the state, local and federal level.

That is why I’m writing to you.  I want to draw your attention to the candidates who have sought and received Eagle Forum PAC’s endorsement.  We endorse candidates on the basis of extensive personal interviews, legislative records and answers to our rigorous 75-question survey which covers taxes and government spending, national security foreign policy and American sovereignty, border security and immigration, life, marriage, family, the Constitution and privacy.

Betty Peters

Alabama State Board of Education, District 2

Betty Peters has been a longtime friend to Eagle Forum.  She has fought to protect our children from liberal influences in the public schools and to protect parental rights.  The liberal teachers’ unions have heavily funded Betty’s opponent, because Betty has been so effective at opposing their radical liberal agenda.  We need Betty now more than ever to defend Alabama schools from federal government intrusion through federal education standards called common core standards, one

of President Obama’s main education goals.  The Alabama State Board of Education is comprised of 8 members elected from single-member districts.  Betty Peters represents District 2, the Counties of Barbour, Chambers, Clay, Coffee, Covington, Dale, Geneva, Henry, Houston, Lee, Randolph, Russell, Tallapoosa and a portion of Talladega.  If you live in one of those counties, please be sure to vote for Betty Peters for Alabama State Board of Education, District 2.

Martha Roby

U.S. Representative 2nd Congressional District

If you live in the 2nd Congressional district, you have the opportunity to elect Martha Roby as your U.S Representative.  Martha is pro-life, and has demonstrated her commitment to building the culture of life by working with Sav-A-Life Montgomery, a Christian pro-life ministry.  In her two terms on the Montgomery City Council, Martha has shown her dedication to lowering taxes and reducing government spending.  Now, Martha wants to fight to protect conservative values in Washington.  Her opponent is doing his best to look conservative, but his mere presence in the House of Representatives strengthens the radical liberals.  We’ve seen what the liberals have done to this nation, and we can’t afford to give them any more ground.  Please vote for Martha Roby for U.S. Representative.

Mo Brooks

U.S. Representative 5th Congressional District

If you live in the 5th Congressional district, you have the opportunity to elect a longtime Alabama Eagle Forum friend Mo Brooks as your new Representative to Congress.  Mo is pro-life, pro-family, and pro-marriage.  He served four terms in the Alabama House of Representatives, where the Alabama Taxpayers’ Defense Fund ranked him first out of one hundred forty legislators for fighting against tax increases and big government. In Washington, Brooks will work to reduce America’s deficit and promote the free enterprise system.

Thank you for all you will do between now and November 2nd.  It is so important.


Phyllis Schlafly

P.S.  The election on Tuesday, November 2nd could be very close in Alabama.  Please vote for Betty Peters for Alabama State Board of Education, District 2 and if you live in the 2nd or 5th Congressional District vote for Martha Roby  or Mo Brooks for U.S. Representative—and also, please ask ten of your friends and family members to vote for him too.  Every vote counts!  In Michigan this year, one of our good candidates won by only 15 votes out of 70,996 votes cast! You can find candidate questionnaires from other state and federal candidates HERE.

Don’t Forget To Vote On November 2

If you are concerned about the direction this country is headed in, go vote on November 2.  Voting is one of the most effective ways citizens can express themselves.  You’ve probably heard this election is already in the bag for conservatives, but let us remind you that not one person has actually been elected yet.  All of the predictions, polls, etc. don’t mean a thing if you don’t go and vote.  Many are feeling overwhelmed and disheartened by all the bad legislation this Congress has passed, and rightly so.  It’s going to be a long, difficult journey to get this country back where it should be.  Just remember, the longest journey begins with a single step…

Here’s a link to sample ballots.  Download the one from your county and make sure you are informed come election day.