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EPA To Review Burdensome Regulations

The Hill’s Energy & Environment Blog covers the EPA’s decision to review dozens of regulations to ensure they are not overly burdensome. EPA’s final regulatory review plan comes amid growing GOP animosity toward the agency. Republicans and some centrist Democrats have cast EPA as the poster child of federal overreach and excessive regulation, pushing legislation to […]

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New EPA Regulations Will Make Your Power Bill Go Up

Earlier this month, the EPA announced the implementation of new pollution standards–standards which will result in higher electricity costs for consumers in more than two dozen states.  The rule, called the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule will require power plants in the eastern half of the U.S. to make major reductions in soot and smog by […]

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President Obama To Release More Strategic Petroleum Reserves

Today’s Morning Bell from The Heritage Foundation covers President Obama’s decision to release more oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserves. When it comes to making bad energy policy decisions, President Obama is a pro. Yesterday was no exception when the Obama Administration announced it would release 30 million barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve […]

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AFP Releases Paper On How The EPA Can Impose Cap and Trade

Americans for Prosperity has released a new paper detailing how the EPA can circumvent the democratic process and force cap and trade on Americans. According to their press release: The paper—entitled: Of Elephants and Mouseholes: How EPA Could Revive Cap-and-Trade—examines the statutory structure of the Clean Air Act and identifies two existing programs that EPA could […]

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Administration’s Policies Perpetuating Our Dependence On Foreign Oil

Little known fact: We have a significant amount of oil here in the United States.  Why then, are we totally dependent on foreign oil?  Political and regulatory roadblocks prevent oil producers from drilling domestically.  After the tragic Deepwater Horizon explosion in the Gulf of Mexico, President Obama imposed a moratorium on offshore drilling.  While that […]

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