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HB277 is About Satisfying Federal Grants, Not Safety

Please contact your Senator NOW and ask that they vote NO on HB277.  You may reach your Senator at (334) 242-7800.  New information has come to our attention this week.  Please see below. Eagle Forum of Alabama has received new information this week regarding HB277. We ask for you to oppose HB277 as it seriously threatens religious liberty […]

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Get the Facts on HB277

Get the facts on HB277!  It is important for Alabamians to learn more about the significant role of religious and private child care providers in Alabama. A large portion of Alabama’s families rely on these providers to care for their children on a daily basis.  These are predominately church operated ministries to church members and […]

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Protect Vital Child Care Providers: STOP HB277

Opposition to HB277 is about protecting children by protecting some of the best, safest, and most positive child care options for children in Alabama. If hard working Alabama parents no longer have high quality and low cost options, it harms children. HB277 will hurt poor families that depend on government subsidies to help pay for […]

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Help Save Women and Children with HB315

When Democrats ran our state, they passed a law that made it a crime to be a midwife in Alabama. Alabama is one of just six states that criminalizes midwifery. HB315, which was introduced by Moulton-Republican State Rep. Ken Johnson in February, would decriminalize Certified Professional midwives and has been scheduled on Tuesday’s special order […]

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Urgent Action Needed on Daily Fantasy Sports Bill

On Tuesday, the House passed HB354 (the Daily Fantasy Sports Bill). “In states that sponsor commercial gambling, all taxpayers-including the non-gamblers– end up paying higher taxes for less services and their states end up with worse budget problems over the long term. Allowing states to sponsor online fantasy sports gambling will deepen these financial problems, […]

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Better Policy Alternatives Available Than Fiscally Irresponsible SB302 and HB487

Eagle Forum of Alabama finds that SB302 and HB487 are bad policy and will not properly address important public policy issues within Alabama’s prisons and infrastructure. In the last two weeks of the Alabama legislative session, there are two bills that will have profound and lasting effects on the pocketbooks of Alabama taxpayers. The gas […]

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Urgent: act ASAP to move Common Core Repeal Bill to Senate Floor

Urgent:  act ASAP to move Common Core Repeal Bill to Senate Floor The bill to Repeal and Replace Common Core SB415 (Sen. Harri Anne Smith) passed the Senate Education Committee today with a 4-1 vote.  (YES: Sen. Brewbaker, Bussman, McLendon, Pittman.  NO: Sen. Figures) SB415 will replace common core (cc) standards (aka Alabama College and […]

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Talking Points for Common Core Repeal Bill

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Oppose HB277/SB236 State Overreach into Church Ministries

State Overreach Into AL Church Ministries: Oppose HB277/SB236 On Thursday April 20, 2017, Representative Warren will offer her substitute version of HB277 – a version that we CANNOT support. The substitute does three things: 1.     Licenses all faith-based childcares that participate in the government child subsidy program 2.     “Grandfathers” all current faith-based preschools (not childcare […]

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Ask Your Legislators to Stop Trojan Horse SJR 87 (copy 05)

Urgent:  Please contact your Senator and House member to stop SJR 87 RE: SJR 87 asking for term limits via Constitutional Convention In recognition of the fact that an Article V Convention Of States is not a solution, but rather a Trojan Horse, both Maryland and Nevada rescinded all previous calls for a Con Con […]

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