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Waxman Net Neutrality Bill Fails Due To Lack of Republican Support

I’ve previously written on the issue of net neutrality, i.e.- government takeover of the internet, and its cooling effect on free speech.  Congress recently had a chance to stop this power grab by the FCC, but failed to come together on the issue.  Rep. Henry Waxman introduced a bill that would have expressly prohibited the […]

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Alabama Must Deal With The Coming Pension Crisis

Update:  ATR’s Joshua Culling and point out that pension problems have been a popular topic of conversation on the gubernatorial campaign trail across the U.S.  Both Alabama gubernatorial candidates have acknowledged the problem and agree that something will have to be done. States across the union, already faced with a steep decline in revenues, […]

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Ethics Reform Should Be A Priority For Alabama Legislators

Alabama’s ethics law was last updated in 1992.  Since then, we’ve had multiple legislators indicted, and reportedly one of the largest investigations into public corruption in the country. The BGA Integrity Index ranks Alabama 4th in the nation in terms of public corruption.  If ever there was a need for ethics reform, Alabama has it. […]

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Rolling Reserve Budget Act Key To Solving Alabama’s Problems With Education Funding

For the past two legislative sessions, Rep. Greg Canfield (R-Vestavia) has introduced a budget reform measure entitled the Rolling Reserve Budget Act.  The proposal would cap education spending based on a rolling 15-year average growth rate.  The state currently bases the education budget on a projection of Education Trust Fund revenues.  Extreme revenue fluctuations make […]

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Dems Pull EPA Appropriations Bill Over Cap and Trade Resolution

This flew a little under the radar, so in case anyone else missed it… Last week the Senate Appropriations Committee was set to vote on an amendment to the Interior-EPA Appropriations bill that would have imposed a one-year ban on global warming regulations.  The amendment would have defunded the EPA’s regulatory program on global warming. […]

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Supreme Court Rules 2nd Amendment Actually Means What It Says

Today the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the language of the 2nd Amendment means that Americans have the right to own a gun for self-defense no matter where they live.  This strikes down bans on handguns in places like D.C. and Chicago where the legislation had been tied up in the court system. For reference, this […]

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Did You Get Your Money's Worth Out Of Congress This Week?

What You Paid This week, taxpayers spent roughly $46 million on Congress Salaries of Members of Congress and their allowances/week: Speaker of the House: $223,500/52 = $4,299 House and Senate Majority and Minority Leaders: ($193,400/52) x 4 = $14,877 Other Representatives and Senators: ($174,000/52) x 530 = $1,773,462 Money allocated for House (sans member salaries): $1.369 […]

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