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VOICES Propaganda Document on HB277/SB236

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Celebrate Church Day Care in Montgomery and Lobby against HB277 – DHR Control of Church Ministry

Celebrate Church Child Care Week and stand up for our children and religious liberty – this week at the Alabama State House in Montgomery –  Tuesday thru Thursday, April 11-13 beginning with a briefing at 10AM each morning in Room 325.  We must stop HB277. HB277 is an unnecessary and unConstitutional overreach of government into […]

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Get the Facts on HB277

Get the facts on HB277!  It is important for Alabamians to learn more about the significant role of religious and private child care providers in Alabama. A large portion of Alabama’s families rely on these providers to care for their children on a daily basis.  These are predominately church operated ministries to church members and […]

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HB277 / SB256 Must be Stopped!

SB236/HB277 – Sponsored by Senator Cam Ward and Representative Pebblin Warren, proposes to require church nurseries and religious childcare providers (daycares) to be licensed by the state Department of Human Resources as are all other such providers. Church daycares and nurseries have always been exempt from licensure, even though their workers must pass background checks. […]

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Tornado Recovery: A Tale of Two Cities

David Beito, History Professor at the University of Alabama, and Daniel Smith, Economics Professor at Troy State University, have written an excellent editorialcomparing tornado recovery efforts in Joplin, MO and Tuscaloosa, AL.  The two cities took vastly different approaches to the rebuilding efforts, one relaxing government regulation and one using it as an opportunity to […]

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Update on SOPA-Better, But Still Not Good

SOPA a.k.a. the Stop Online Piracy Act is the first step to letting the federal government censor the internet.  As we said here, SOPA is dangerous. It will, for the first time ever, require private companies like Google, Mozilla, Facebook, Twitter, and others to censor internet content.  The bill requires social networking sites and search […]

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Alabama Joins Lawsuit Against EPA

Alabama has joined twenty-four other states in filing an amicus brief in a lawsuit brought against the EPA to require delay of the imposition of the Utility MACT rule.  The Rule is expected to go into effect in early November and has the potential to cost the utility industry billions of dollars and could lead […]

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FCC Moving Forward On Net Neutrality

I’ve written before about the danger of net neutrality and its threat to free speech. Unfortunately, last December the FCC passed new net neutrality regulations despite significant opposition.  A little over a week ago the FCC finally published the new rules in the Federal Register starting a 60 day comment period before they become law […]

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New Obama EPA Regulations Will Create 230,000 Jobs And Cost $21 Billion

President Obama has recently submitted a jobs plan to Congress.  Unfortunately for him, the reception has been less than stellar even among members of his own party.  In typical Obama style, he is now going around Congress to start creating those jobs and is spending $21 billion to do so. This is not a new […]

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EPA To Review Burdensome Regulations

The Hill’s Energy & Environment Blog covers the EPA’s decision to review dozens of regulations to ensure they are not overly burdensome. EPA’s final regulatory review plan comes amid growing GOP animosity toward the agency. Republicans and some centrist Democrats have cast EPA as the poster child of federal overreach and excessive regulation, pushing legislation to […]

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