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AL Congressmen Ask Sec. Duncan To Stop Tying CCSI To Federal Grant Opportunities

Representatives Robert Aderholt, Jo Bonner and Mo Brooks recently wrote Secretary of Education Arne Duncan asking him to stop tying federal waivers and grant opportunities to the adoption of CCSI.  They said in part: “We are aware that the Common Core Standards developed by the National Governors Association in conjunction with the Chief State School […]

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FCC Moving Forward On Net Neutrality

I’ve written before about the danger of net neutrality and its threat to free speech. Unfortunately, last December the FCC passed new net neutrality regulations despite significant opposition.  A little over a week ago the FCC finally published the new rules in the Federal Register starting a 60 day comment period before they become law […]

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Stop Sen. McConnell’s Attempt to Give President Obama Power To Raise Debt Limit

Senator Mitch McConnell has unveiled a proposal to give President Obama the power to raise the debt limit on his own by $2.4 trillion in three installments before the end of 2012–unless two-thirds of Congress votes to block it. Senator McConnell’s proposal will undermine everything conservative Republicans have been working for in regard to spending […]

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House Votes To Repeal Obamacare

Late this afternoon the U.S. House of Representatives voted 245-189 to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, also known as “Obamacare.” Three Democrats joined a unanimous Republican caucus in rolling back the wildly unpopular health care law. Unfortunately, conventional wisdom says it will die in the Senate. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has […]

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FCC Passes Net Neutrality Rules

A week ago today, the FCC voted 3-2 along partisan lines to implement new net neutrality regulations.  This is the first time the internet has been subject to regulation by the federal government, and it’s a huge win for left-wing activist groups.  Opposition to the rules was bipartisan in nature and overwhelming.  Over 300 House […]

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