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We Say No! Prayer Vigil

The time to take action is now! Eagle Forum of Alabama wants Birmingham and Alabama to be abortion free.  Eagle Forum of Alabama says no to the creation of new abortion center.  As pro-lifers, citizens, and most importantly as human beings, we cannot allow this entity to put up another building in our city specifically designed to kill children.  We just can’t.



“Nor can we allow Planned Parenthood to continue pretending that it’s a legitimate healthcare provider for Birmingham.  The current facility located at 1211 27th Pl S, along with its staff, has covered up statutory rape, sold abortion pills illegally in the parking lot, failed miserably to maintain simple sanitation standards, deceived citizens, and cannot even seem to keep an abortionist or doctor on staff.” 


As Eagle Forum of Alabama, CEC for Life, and other pro-life leaders have discovered, “Planned Parenthood has hardly provided any care, and nearly no abortions, to anyone in this state for an entire year.”


Eagle Forum of Alabama  intends to do all that is within our power as citizens to voice our opposition against a new Planned Parenthood facility.  First, because it is the right thing to do.  Children will die in this new facility.  But second, because we believe in putting our pro-life ideals into action.  As American citizens we have a wonderful right to express our beliefs and protest when evil is being committed in our community.  We hope that you will stand with us for the children and families in Alabama against this atrocity.
We need every person reading this email to do something vital in this fight.  
We need you to talk to your pastor. 
Then we need you to come to the prayer vigil with at least one friend.


On Saturday, June 9th at 9:30 AM, CEC For Life will hold a city-wide prayer vigil directly in front of Planned Parenthood’s newly purchased property.  We want every pastor in this city standing with us.  We need, more than ever, the pastoral leadership of Birmingham to come together and establish their spiritual authority. 


We CAN stop Planned Parenthood, IF the leaders of this city will lead the way.  Because then the people will follow. Invite leaders in your local community to come with you. This city will follow, and Planned Parenthood will have to go another way. 



If you would like CEC For Life or Eagle Forum of Alabama to go to a pastoral meeting with you, just let us know! 


If you aren’t sure what to say, give us a call at (205) 879-7096! 


But we need you to have that conversation today.  There is no second chance at this, Birmingham.  Planned Parenthood is gearing up to build this clinic as soon as possible.  We must make a prayerful, peaceful, legal and immediate response together as a community.