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Choosing A Presidential Candidate

Although Eagle Forum of Alabama does not endorse candidates, we have put together a list of resources where you can go to find out about all of the presidential candidates and their records.  We encourage everyone to read up on the candidates, what they say now and what they have done in the past.  A well-informed electorate is the foundation of our republic.

Election 2012

Club For Growth–The CFG Presidential White Papers explore each candidate’s stance on pro-growth economic issues and their history of supporting pro-growth economic policies.

Cato Institute–The Cato Institute has put together a guide to the presidential candidates’ proposals on spending.

FRCAction–The Family Research Council’s action arm has put together a chart showing where the candidates stand on a variety of issues.

Post Libertarian–Slightly different in that this is a blog that contains the author’s take on all the candidates, but there are some good insights and relevant information you might not get on the sites above.

Washington Post–The WaPo has a 2012 Election Center that compiles the latest news, biographies on each of the candidates, and tools for evaluating the candidates.

This list is not comprehensive.  If you come across a helpful resource that is not listed, email us at [email protected]