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Questionnaires/Sample Ballots for 6/3 election

Candidate Questionnaires and Sample Ballots
for Your Review

Recently, Eagle Forum of Alabama sent questionnaires to candidates for the following offices:

U.S. Congress District 6
Lieutenant Governor
Public Service Commission
Secretary of State
State Auditor
State House
State Senate
State Treasurer
State Board of Education

Those questionnaires that were completed and returned are now available for review on our website under the Resources tab.  We hope these responses will be beneficial in helping you make informed choices in the upcoming primary elections on June 3rd.

See Sample Ballots by County.

Don’t Forget To Vote On November 2

If you are concerned about the direction this country is headed in, go vote on November 2.  Voting is one of the most effective ways citizens can express themselves.  You’ve probably heard this election is already in the bag for conservatives, but let us remind you that not one person has actually been elected yet.  All of the predictions, polls, etc. don’t mean a thing if you don’t go and vote.  Many are feeling overwhelmed and disheartened by all the bad legislation this Congress has passed, and rightly so.  It’s going to be a long, difficult journey to get this country back where it should be.  Just remember, the longest journey begins with a single step…

Here’s a link to sample ballots.  Download the one from your county and make sure you are informed come election day.