Ask Your Representative To Support HB56

The Alabama House is expected to vote on HB56 tomorrow.  Sponsored by Rep. Micky Hammon, HB56 requires businesses who receive economic development incentives to use e-verify, makes the entry, presence and involvement in economic activity of unauthorized illegal aliens a crime in this state, and requires law enforcement to verify the citizenship during routine enforcement of local, county or state laws.

Eagle Forum urges support for strengthening amendments to make sure that HB56 is at least as strong as Arizona’s illegal immigration bill.

Eagle Forum also urges a YES vote on final passage.

The net ANNUAL cost to Alabamians according to one legislator could be at least $600 million when depressed wages, lost jobs, dollars sent out of the U.S., drug addiction, etc. are added to the $270 m. net annual cost to AL documented at  We cannot afford NOT to stop it by attrition through cutting off jobs and benefits.

Go to to find your state legislator and email or call as indicated.

OR you may leave a message at the House switchboard in Montgomery: (334)242-7600.

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