Improve Education In Alabama Through Teacher Tenure Reform

Last week, the Alabama Senate passed out of committee a bill that will reform the state’s tenure law.  Senator Trip Pittman’s SB310 will improve the dismissal process for teachers and state employees by removing the arbitration process and providing a fair hearing before an administrative law judge.  Current tenure laws have made it too difficult for school boards and principals to deal with bad teachers.  This law will allow locally elected school boards to decide what’s best for our schools rather than federal arbitrators who don’t care about Alabama.  Our tenure laws should protect teachers who put students first, not reward complacency and carelessness.

SB310 does NOT take away teacher tenure, it simply changes the dismissal process to make it easier to fire substandard teachers.  Good teachers will never have anything to worry about.

Please call your legislators and ask them to support SB310 and improve education in Alabama!

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