Public Review of Alabama’s English and Math Standards

Alabamians United for Excellence in Education
Immediate Media Release

The process set forth in the Public Review of Alabama’s English and Math Standards announced 10/6/2014, is an apparent ploy to placate parents who see their children hurt by the imposition of common core standards, methodology, curriculum and assessments. This process will not solicit any meaningful discussion nor substantive correction of the dilemma in which the majority vote of the State Board and the inaction of the State Legislature have left students, parents and teachers in Alabama by virtue of the implementation of the Common Core State Standards Initiative.

To expect parents who are not fluent in educational jargon to suggest revisions to individual standards – especially when so much of the problem comes from the overall structure – is an utterly useless enterprise. As long as the state remains constrained by having adopted ACT common core assessments which are vertically aligned to common core standards, tinkering with the standards themselves in isolation is pointless.

Additionally, since common core standards are copyrighted, no changes can be made in them without express permission of the copyright holders [as evidenced most recently in the attached letter from the National Governors Association dated September 29, 2014, to the Missouri School Boards Association] AND from the U. S. Department of Education under the Alabama’s No Child Left Behind waiver agreement.

Only (1) a complete repeal of the Common Core Initiative with its aligned assessments and accompanying classroom materials and (2) its replacement with sound, proven, superior standards along with tests written in our state by our educators, will suffice.

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