Andy Schlafly’s statement against a Convention of the States

I completely oppose an Article V convention.  It is a dangerous threat to our values and our Nation.  Congress or judicial activism would likely require that the voting at such a convention be in proportion to population, and thereby dominated by liberal states.  They would probably put a right to abortion and homosexual marriage into the Constitution, and repeal the Second Amendment.  There is nothing good that can result from an Article V convention, because Congress and the Courts will not feel restrained by a new amendment any more than they comply with existing text.  Even proposing an Article V convention has the harmful effect of devaluing the Constitution we cherish.

The original Constitutional Convention was made possible by rules of secrecy against media interference. That is impossible today and thus the liberal media would obtain the result it wants.  Pinning one’s hopes on an Article V convention today is like a bankrupt man turning to gambling to solve his family’s financial problems.  Hard work, in electing good people who defend our existing Constitution, is what is needed.  The pie-in-the-sky, dangerous proposal of an Article V convention should be rejected.


Andrew L. Schlafly, Esq.

Attorney who practices before the U.S. Supreme Court and twelve U.S. Courts of Appeal

General Counsel of the Ass’n of American Physicians & Surgeons (oldest conservative group in the U.S.)

A leading attorney in federal litigation against abortion

For six consecutive years, 2009-2014, have led busloads of teenagers to the March for Life in D.C.

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