Retired Major Terry Smith on Active Duty Officers interfering in State Politics

Following is a letter from Major Terry A. Smith USMC (Ret) that was sent to Governor Robert Bentley.

I am dismayed to see an active duty Commissioned Federal Officer interfering in State politics. The last time this happened there was a civil war. State’s rights is still an important issue to most Republicans. The recent letter from a Colonel at Redstone Arsenal should be ignored as more Obama administration propaganda to destroy our country from within.

I have been involved in state and local Republican politics since the mid 80’s after I retired from the Marine Corps, when being a Republican wasn’t cool. I was the 5th District Chairman, and on the State Republican Steering Committee. I was a candidate for the U.S. Congress, I exposed the now defunct Center for Quality and Productivity as a candidate for the state senate which resulted in the federal felony conviction of three state senators and Gov. Folsom’s legal adviser. I did this as a retired Commissioned Officer, and would have been court-martialed if I had taken any of these action while on active duty.

Please review my letter on common core which was published in the Stars and Stripes.…/letters-to-the-editor/common-core-…


Major Terry A. Smith USMC (Ret)

“God Bless You and Yours”
Major Terry Smith USMC (RET)

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