Action: Students are not Data

The State Board of Education is expected to vote on the proposed 2015 Comprehensive Counseling and Guidance Model (CCGM) at its June 11 meeting.

Eagle Forum considers this plan to be beyond the legitimate purview of counselors and an overreach that could be harmful rather than helpful to students and their families.  Eagle Forum believes the family is the rightful place for inculcating values and determining career choices.  It states, “All students will receive a data-informed counseling and guidance program that promotes academic achievement, career readiness, and personal/social development.” (p. 1)

  • CCGM shifts the primary goal of school counselors from helping children to collecting data on students and pushing Common Core objectives. (p. 38)
  • CCGM sets goals for changes in students’ behavior, emotions, feelings, attitudes, values and beliefs, thus expanding public authority over private lives of students into the affective domain, which has never before been allowed in Alabama schools (p. 16)
  • CCGM mandates in K-2 exercises to “identify changing family roles” (p. 15), “various family configurations” (p. 16) rather than modelling a natural family to which all may equally aspire
  • CCGM mandates acceptance of alternative lifestyles (p. 16)
  • CCGM violates students’ fundamental right to privacy by requiring students to disclose criminal records, language spoken in the home, socio-economic data, family composition, disability, beliefs, thus also violating student/professional counselor privacy protocol (p. 39 -40)
  • CCGM implements a series of assessments (with data collection and retention) that can disserve students by limiting student academic options and career possibilities: an assessment in the third grade that sets a trajectory for career tracking (ACT Aspire), another single assessment in the 8th grade (ACT Explore), and another in the 11th grade (ACT WorkKeys) with the resultant “annual career plan” to be only “annually approved” by the parents.  Career exploration/planning is desirable, but career tracking is unacceptable in a free society.  (p. 12-13)

You may view the CCGM herePlease ask your State School Board member here, to preserve proper counseling roles and stop this new model.  It facilitates psychological testing on all children and opens the door for school based health clinics, which would further usurp parental rights and responsibilities.

Eunie Smith, President
Eagle Forum of Alabama
[email protected]

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