Action Needed! Senate Debate on Every Child Achieves Act on Tuesday!

  1. Ask Senator Sessions (202)224-4124 and Senator Shelby (202)224-5744 to vote NO on The Every Child Achieves Act (S.1177)
  2. Ask Republicans to wait until Obama leaves office and pass a bill that rejects, not codifies, this President’s federalization of education.

US Senate leadership promised to write a bill to reauthorize No Child Left Behind (NCLB) that Obama wouldn’t veto. Unfortunately, on July 7th the Every Child Achieves Act (ECAA) moves to the Senate floor to be heard with Obama’s blessing. We need to STOP it!

Republican leadership caved to Obama’s demands and agreed to language which expands, not reduces, the influence of the federal government over schools.   S.1177 is the largest piece of federal education legislation in over a decade and will last for at least 6 years.

21 talking points from American Principles in Action here include the following:

  • So-called protections from coercion to adopt Common Core are meaningless because they simply replicate existing protections that have no enforcement mechanism for the states.
  • Codifies previously uncodified NCLB waiver process; states have to submit to the feds for their approval detailed education plans in accordance with comprehensive federal guidelines.
  • Retains federal testing mandates in NCLB but adds assessment on behavioral/skills-based standards rather than truly academic standards and harvests data to resemble a psychological profile of the student. 
  • Creates national standards for PreK and childcare that result in compilation of psychological data and three year fed grants despite evidence that these early childhood programs have no lasting academic benefit but may actually do psychological and academic harm.
  • “School climate” grants can pressure schools to suppress student expression of orthodox religious values.  See the symbol here from Sec. Arne Duncan indicating what values regarding marriage children will learn.
  • “Comprehensive school-based mental health services” enable “early identification of social, emotional or behavioral problems” thus enabling more government surveillance of students’ attitudes and mindsets.

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