Eagle Forum of Alabama Press Release on Planned Parenthood’s harvesting fetal organs for profit

July 24, 2015

Official Press Release from Eagle Forum of Alabama

Deborah Garrett, Executive Director of Eagle Forum of Alabama

“It is critical that the State of Alabama immediately open an investigation into Planned Parenthood in light of recent and past discoveries about the disturbing practices of this organization. Our state leaders at all levels of government should call for immediate defunding of this organization. Selling human tissue and body parts of aborted babies is a clear human rights violation. It is in violation of federal law, Alabama State law, and public policy.   Without an investigation into the Planned Parenthood’s practices and the money trail behind these black market sales, they will continue. At this time we have no idea how many women in Alabama were directly impacted by this horrible practice and how this impacted the abortion procedures carried out in the Planned Parenthood Clinics in Alabama. The women who were directly impacted by this practice have a right to know how their services were negatively impacted and their bodies were used for illegal profit. The taxpayers of the State of Alabama have a right to know how much of their Federal tax dollars are going to support illegal black market sales of human body parts. Without human rights we have no others rights. The time to act is now.”

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