Eagle Forum of Alabama President Eunie Smith awarded the “Dan Ireland Salt and Light Award”

Congratulations to Eunie Smith on being awarded the 2016 Alabama Citizens Action Program (ALCAP) “Dan Ireland Salt and Light Award” for her many years of selfless volunteer work for God, Family and Country/Alabama.   ALCAP Executive Director Joe Godfrey cited many of Eunie’s diverse accomplishments including her having been elected by the Southern Baptist Convention to serve seven years as a Trustee and then elected as Chairman of the SBC Ethics and Religious Liberty Committee. He recently stated, “When our ALCAP Board discussed who should be this year’s recipient, there was no question that Eunie should be the person to receive the Dan Ireland Salt & Light Award.  She has been a strong advocate for the cause of Christ for many years and has had a positive impact on our culture that many may never realize.” Dr. Ireland himself made the surprise presentation at First Baptist Church Birmingham during the Sunday morning May 15 service.  See the story from The Alabama Baptist, here.

In attendance was State School Board Member Stephanie Bell who said of Eunie, “She is a treasure and Alabama has been blessed by the work of this sacrificial Christian servant and volunteer. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do as you stand for what is right”, and of Eagle Forum, “…they have at their center a core of beliefs about what schools should be, about the role of government.  But to accomplish their goals they are willing to work with anyone or group if they believe the result will be one that benefits children and families.”

ALCAP is a statewide interdenominational ministry that serves as Alabama’s “moral compass” and lobbies the legislature on behalf of the faith community.

Eagle Forum of Alabama was begun by Eunie Smith, who was tapped by Phyllis Schlafly to lead.  For over forty years, Eagle Forum of Alabama, under Eunie’s leadership, has sought to help citizens participate in the process of self-government and public policy making.  We seek to equip individuals with timely, reliable information from a conservative, Constitutional point of view on public policy issues which affect the family.  They will then know how, when and where to express themselves to make their voice heard.  This type of participation in self-government is essential for America to continue to be a land of individual liberty, respect for family integrity, public and private virtue, and private enterprise.  We must keep the education of our children with these principles – unalienable rights, limited government, private enterprise, a strong national defense, and traditional moral values – a major priority.

Some Eagle Forum of Alabama Accomplishments:

  • Catalyst for the Alabama Reading Initiative
  • Proposed the law for citizens’ textbook review
  • Persuaded the State Board of Education to include insert that macroevolution was to be treated as a theory
  • Drafted and pushed passage of the Alabama Abstinence Act of 1992
  • Drafted and pushed passage of the regulation that stopped psychotherapeutic techniques in classrooms
  • Stopped the so-called Equal Rights Amendment
  • Preserved women’s traditional exemption from military draft and combat
  • Retained social security benefits for widows and dependent wives
  • Passed federal and state laws to combat child pornography
  • Protected Alabama parents’ rights to decide on kindergarten
  • Defeated HillaryCare
  • Defeated the ABC Child Care bill
  • Participated in coalitions that defeated the lottery and video poker
  • Consistently advocate legislation that protects innocent human life from conception to natural death
  • Held statewide meetings educating the public on Common Core and continue to work for its repeal
  • Led the movement in 1981 that rescinded the Alabama legislature’s prior calls for a federal constitutional convention, knowing that it would jeopardize the U.S. Constitution
  • Regularly brief state legislators, Congressmen and Senators on countless issues

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