Sessions Comments On Passing Of Phyllis Schlafly

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Sep 06 2016

“Phyllis Schlafly was a visionary patriot who understood American exceptionalism and all of the glorious qualities that make our country great. Over the decades, she steadfastly led the fight against those whose actions she believed were eroding the best of American values. This took great courage, as she often found herself in conflict with popular modern and post-modern trends. But she was never intimidated. Instead, she was energized by the challenge. And since she was smarter than her opponents and could brilliantly articulate the American vision and our constitutional heritage, she consistently won the debates.

Phyllis was first and foremost a champion of the people. She stood firmly against the corruption, big money, and insider dealing that too often tainted even the conservative policymakers she worked to elect. She did not hesitate to blow the whistle on them either. In fact, her historic first book, A Choice Not an Echo, originally published in 1964 and recently republished, was a call to arms. It made the case that there was too much wheeling and dealing and that the winners were the insiders with money while the losers were our hard working citizenry. Hers was an egalitarian ideal—all are equal. For Phyllis, this meant, among other things, that our schools must give every child a chance to rise and not be tracked into classes as often is the case in Europe. We have lost a great American in the truest sense of the word.”

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