A Piece of Cake! News, Notes and a special tribute to Phyllis!





Protecting Americans
The House passed two immigration bills last week backed by President Trump and Attorney General Sessions.  The bills tackled illegal immigrants and sanctuary cities.  Most importantly, they increase the safety of Americans across the nation.

Kate’s Law (H.R. 3004), sponsored by House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Mass.), is an initiative that has been a priority of President Trump.  The bill was named after Kate Steinle who was murdered in San Francisco by an illegal immigrant from Mexico who already had seven previous felony convictions and had been deported back to Mexico five times.  The fact that he was continuously allowed to enter into the United States is a major safety concern for all Americans.  Kate’s Law lengthens the maximum sentencing for immigrants with previous convictions who try to reenter the United States.  The bill passed 257-167 mostly along party lines.

The No Sanctuary for Criminals Act (H.R. 3003), also sponsored by Chairman Goodlatte, goes hand-in-hand with Kate’s Law.  It requires that sanctuary cities cooperate with local and federal officials to detain suspects involved in criminal activity.  If a sanctuary city would refuse to cooperate, like they have in the past, the federal government would deny them federal grant money.  This bill passed 228-195 also along party lines.

As these bills move through the Senate, Eagle Forum will monitor their progress and continue these discussions with leaders.
Piece of Cake?

The Supreme Court has announced that it will hear a case regarding a Denver cake baker who refused to participate in a same-sex wedding.  We have heard many situations like this before, such as the Kleins in Oregon, where states have suppressed individuals’ religious beliefs.  Jack Phillips, owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop, tried to claim a religious exemption to the state’s anti-discrimination law, but the state courts ruled against him.  The Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on this case beginning in the Fall.  Eagle Forum will keep you up-to-date on its developments.


As you have questions or legislative concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact Tabitha directly via email at [email protected] or phone at 202/341-5737.

Colleen Holcomb will continue working with Eagle Forum as Vice-President of Government Relations. You may continue to contact her with your questions or concerns at [email protected] or phone: 757/277-4848.

We will keep you posted on these and other developments as we learn new information. Until then, please stay tuned to the Eagle Forum Facebook page.

SCIENCE – OHIO – Robert Lattimer, our Eagle Forum Science Chairman reports, that Ohio requests feedback on updated academic standards.

The Ohio Department of Education is updating the state’s science, social studies, and financial literacy standards.  The Department is currently taking input on its proposed revisions (https://www.ohio-k12.help/standards/).  The deadline for providing feedback is JULY 18.
Ohio’s science standards date back to 2011 (before the introduction of the Next Generation Science Standards).  The standards provide a heavy dose of materialistic philosophy, especially in the area of biological evolution.  Overall, the Ohio standards are just as objectionable and biased as NGSS.
The proposed 2017 revisions are generally minor in most areas of science.  However, the 8th grade and high school Biology standards have extensive updates.  In particular, the dogmatic coverage of biological evolution has been strengthened and extended.  You are encouraged to provide input on these standards (and others if you choose).
The on-line response form is easy to use.  A space is provided on the form for comments on the various standards.  Bob also looked at the social studies and financial literacy updates.  These are very brief and there isn’t much to object to.  Science is the real problem area.
Note that the review form asks the participant to select an Ohio county.  For those respondents who live in other states, you can check the “State Level Sites” option instead of a county.  Bob has prepared a list of suggested comments for the biology standards; you may request a copy by e-mail ([email protected]).
We are developing a new Facebook page for our Eagle Forum Leaders to serve as another forum to share information and strategize with one another privately. If you would like to join this closed group, please contact Liz Miller at [email protected]orum.org or call 618.433.8990.

JULY LEADER CALL – Wed., July 26 @ 2 PM (CDT)

Our Monthly Leader Call is designed, among other things, to give each state leader the opportunity to share and submit their state reports so that we can all learn from each other about issues we may have currently tackled this legislative session or will face in the future.  If you have not yet shared your state report, please email Julia so that she can be certain you have 1-3 minutes during our JULY LEADER MEETING to give your report for the benefit of all other leaders on the call. 

To join our next call, please contact Julia Warton at [email protected] and she will supply you with the call-in information.

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Phyllis Schlafly was my Heroine! ~ Michele Bachmann

This video interview was recorded with the Honorable Michele Bachmann as a tribute to Phyllis on her 90th birthday.  We miss Phyllis dearly and as Michele said, “She was one of a kind. There will never be another like her.”
This is why we are looking forward to gathering together September 14-17 for EAGLE COUNCIL XLVI in Washington, D.C. to honor Phyllis and to stay true to the mission of Eagle Forum launched almost five decades ago.  

Michele Bachmann will be with us, along with many, many others who loved Phyllis and worked alongside of her from the beginning and who remain faithful today.  We’ll also be joined by many others who are just joining in the fight for God, family and country.

EAGLE COUNCIL is Eagle Forum’s annual training and leadership conferencedesigned to further equip and encourage active citizenship.  Together, we look forward to honoring Phyllis’s legacy by continuing the good work of Eagle Forum and EAGLE COUNCIL is a vital training forum to help us fulfill our mission.
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