Contact State School Board for Replace Common Core Resolution

At its Work Session August 10, the State School Board heard a presentation by Supt. Sentance that was prompted by a resolution he offered to the Board to rescind common core.  That presentation and the subsequent discussion can be viewed here beginning at 1:06.  Visuals can be found here:

Although the resolution provides for a vote at the November 9, 2017 meeting, it is important that citizens begin meeting with and contacting board members now.

Eagle Forum emailed each Board member extensive documentation to show the common core of failure in Alabama.  See open letter here.

We urged that they rescind Alabama’s Common Core Standards called Alabama College and Career Standards (ACCRS) and that they move expeditiously to empower duly appointed course of study committees to replace ACCRS with new standards informed by the best of the best pre-common core standards in the nation so that our students can return to the positive trajectory they were on prior to common core implementation.  If Alabama football sets standards nationwide, why can’t Alabama students do the same?

Replacing ACCRS will:

1Stop CC standards under which Alabama Dropped to Dead Last; Restore the Upward Trend Prior to Common Core[1]
2015 NAEP (“the nation’s scorecard”) results place Alabama dead last on Math and English, a significant decline from 26th among the states, which is where we were in 2011 before Common Core. Nationally, only non-common core states showed no decline on NAEP.  Alabama ACT scores also show the inferiority of Common Core. The 2015 ACT report shows only 16% of Alabama students meet the benchmark in all 4 subjects – down 5 points just since 2014.  These Assessments that show a pitiful 20% proficiency in Math after 3 years of common core (cc) and a 62% proficiency in English after 2 years of cc cannot be explained away[2]

2. Protect all children from “irreversible damage” due to 4 years of CC Math documented by California data under Phil Daro CC Math.  Alabama is beginning its 5th year now!   See pre-eminent math standards writer Dr. James Milgram letter.[3]

3. Protect young children from the developmentally inappropriate common core regimen that, as predicted by 500 early childhood specialists, causes harmful stress, not better learning.[4]

4. Reject Objectionable Readings that indoctrinate rather than educate.  Enable Alabamians to select
curriculum without the intimidation of federally funded curriculum modules and expectations.[5]

5. Reject CC aligned assessments..  Protect student data privacy, and prevent potential psycho-social and behavioral assessment.[6]

6. Reject assessments being utilized to predetermine career paths.  Enable students to choose their own future.[7]

“Common Core Damage Will Last Years to Come”
Dr. Peter Wood, President National Association of Scholars

For a comprehensive list of authoritative books and papers on common core, go here.