Superintendent Sentance Resignation

Thursday, September 14, 2017

For Immediate Release:
Contact: Deborah Love 
(205) 587.6534

Since he was hired, Eagle Forum of Alabama maintained continuous contact with Superintendent Michael Sentance and offered our support on issues of importance to academics in Alabama schools. We wish him well in his future endeavors.

We were disappointed that the Superintendent did not replace common core with sound, proven academic standards.  A September 2017 McLaughlin poll indicates 68% of Alabama respondents view common core as federal overreach. Superintendent Sentance also had other opportunities to support local control and to move Alabama’s public education system away from federal interference that he did not fully utilize.

The board has received a 29 day extension for submitting Alabama’s ESSA plan to the Department of Education and should use that time to make needed changes.

While Eagle Forum is not privy to personnel related matters, we are confident that our elected Board of Education intended to act in the best interest of Alabama students and parents.  Interim Superintendent Ed Richardson has our very best wishes.  We are committed to working with the Superintendent and members of the State Board of Education to move Alabama forward with superior educational standards and opportunities for students.

The Alabama State Board of Education is an important institution in our state government that allows the public to engage with important decisions and changes made within the ALSDE. Without an elected State Board of Education, many problems and concerns within ALSDE would never be addressed or made public.  Alabama’s students and families should always be the primary stakeholder. Without an elected board, their voice in this particular decision would not have been considered.