Alabama Forfeiture Accountability System

February 28, 2019

For Immediate Release

Eagle Forum and Eagle Forum of Alabama applaud and support the efforts of the Alabama District Attorneys Association and all other participants in voluntarily creating the Alabama Forfeiture Accountability System.

“Today’s announcement of an interactive and searchable civil asset forfeiture database is a cause for celebration and a move in the right direction for all Alabamians,” said Eunie Smith, President of Eagle Forum and Eagle Forum of Alabama. “All our efforts in government should be to increase freedom and protect the individual rights of our citizens. This important action taken by the Alabama District Attorneys Association will permit the Alabama Legislature to study and evaluate civil asset forfeiture in our state and determine any action that must be taken to protect the rights of Alabamians.”

Eagle Forum of Alabama Executive Director Becky Gerritson will join the Press Conference called to announce the measure at 2:30 PM today in the Historic House Chamber at the State Capitol.

Becky Gerritson, Executive Director
[email protected]