Students For Life Rally

Eagle Forum was honored to take part in the Students For Life rally at the capitol in Montgomery, AL. These AMAZING speakers told incredible personal stories and also refuted the myths about abortion. We encourage you to watch these courageous people, from all walks of life, who are standing for life. Their stories will strengthen your resolve and arm you with facts to help you defend life as you engage others who support abortion.

A big thanks to Jack Temple Video for filming this rally for us. Please forward this email to your friends and family. Sign up for our email updates here.

Nancy had 2 abortions. 10 years later she was raped and impregnated with twins. She birthed and raised them. Hear her AMAZING story.

Ryan is a “product of rape”. Listen to his powerful story. He will motivate you in your quest to promote life no matter the circumstance of conception.

Tijuanna shares her courageous story of healing after 2 abortions. Listen how her second abortion opened her eyes to the truth that a fetus is NOT just a “clump of cells”.

Becky refutes the myths that are being told about rape and abortion. She shares facts that pro-lifers can use when when defending life.

Rep. Terri Collins celebrates the passing of the Alabama Human Life Protection Act. 

Kristan shares the mission of and the strides being made by Students for Life across the country.

Elizabeth explains how abortion has devastated minorities. “This is a civil rights issue!”

Joy shares the resources available to women in crisis pregnancy situations.

Sarah explains the crimes of Planned Parenthood in Alabama.

Kay runs a home for homeless pregnant moms In Alabama.