Eagle Forum of Alabama’s position on the teaching of origins in Alabama public schools

Eagle Forum has not and does not object to the teaching of evolution. To the contrary, Eagle Forum advocates that students be correctly taught about origins. For example, good education requires defining terms: “evolution” — i.e., microevolution (observable changes within a species) and macroevolution (changes from one species into another).
In order to stimulate inquiry, Eagle Forum also advocates that students be informed of current scientific problems with Darwinian evolution, rather than its being taught as undisputed fact.

Joan Kendall, Eagle Forum of Alabama Science Education Chairman

Teaching of origins has always been controversial since the publication of Charles Darwin’s Origin of the Species. Eagle Forum’s position is that:

• Origins in public schools must be presented in a way that helps students HOW to think scientifically rather than WHAT to think about science.
• Good science teaching presents the content of scientific theories as well as any unanswered questions and problems with scientific theories; and it challenges students to think creatively about how to improve and even what would be required to replace one.
• Good science instructors must teach that a theory should always conform to the data and not be imposed upon the data.
• The ultimate goal is to produce students who will understand the nature of science and be able to contribute to its advancement.

Norris Anderson, Science Consultant to Eagle Forum of Alabama, and former biology teacher and textbook writer for major publisher