Car Rally To Re-Open Alabama!

Eagle Forum Supports Car Rally In Montogmery

WHO:   Stand Up Alabama-Operation Back to Work
WHAT:   Car Rally around the Alabama Capitol Building  
WHEN: Tuesday, April 21st at 1:00PM 
WHERE:  Around the Alabama State Capitol Building
HOW:  People can safely participate by remaining in their cars while driving around the capitol to show their support for re-opening. Driving route is posted at  There will be a microphone set up on the Capitol steps for supporters to express their support for Governor Ivey approving the task force recommendations. To protect the public health and to show respect for others social distancing is highly encouraged. 
WHY: Small business owners and citizens of Alabama want to show their support for and give encouragement to Governor Ivey to re-open the economy and lift fines for going back to work.  Alabamians must be allowed to protect both their lives and their livelihoods.  Our rights under the U. S. Constitution demand it.

Eagle Forum Supports
STAND UP ALABAMA – “Operation Back To Work”

The Alabama Small Business Commission Emergency Task Force and Subcommittee to Reopen the Economy last Friday released their recommendations to re-open Alabama.  We heartily agree with the report’s statement that “Alabama’s economic vitality is critical to the health and prosperity of her citizens and will play a major role in the eventual defeat of COVID-19.”  We believe that the recommendations for Phase 1 are well thought out, and reasonable.  They allow for businesses to reopen safely with protocols in place to protect the health of their employees and customers. We believe they should be implemented immediately. Many Alabama small businesses and private contractors have not received the promised government financial aid and or have been denied unemployment checks and are now are hanging by a thread.  We must not delay reopening Alabama any longer.  Those business owners and customers who are fearful of contracting the virus can continue to stay in quarantine as long as they choose, but many businesses cannot survive another 2-week closure.
In light of our support for the Task Force’s recommendations we are publicly supporting the grassroots-led Stand Up Alabama, “Operation Back to Work” Car Rally on Tuesday, April 21st at 1:00.  We invite everyone to join with us. The goal of the rally is to encourage Governor Ivey to act immediately to reopen Alabama to the greatest extent possible. 

“Reopen Alabama Responsibly” Recommendations