Trump Channels Reagan On Thrift Savings Plan

Frank Gaffney:  “Americans have had an incalculably important win derailing of the Chinese Communist Party’s bid to get its hooks into the retirement savings of our men and women in uniform and their civilian federal government employee counterparts.
“It is hard to overstate the significance of President Trump’s decision to prevent that from happening – in the face of intense pressure to go along from the Chicoms and their lobby on Wall Street. For one thing, it not only denies the CCP the legitimacy that they would have garnered by being seen as a good bet by the Thrift Savings Plan (when many of their companies are anything but). Second, had the TSP investments in China gone forward, it would have made infinitely more challenging our efforts to discourage Wall Street from doing the same. A third and most under-appreciated – and ominous – effect would be the vested interest military and federal personnel would have in maintaining harmonious relations with Beijing if their personal financial security depended upon it.
“Taken altogether, I believe Donald Trump has, with this decision, delivered the toughest and most consequential throw-down against the CCP in my forty years in this national security business.” 

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(Photo Credit: Politico)