Physicians For Alabamians State: “Alabama Has Reached Herd Immunity!”

“Alabama Has Reached Herd Immunity” 

Say Physicians For Alabamians

It is with great relief and excitement that Physicians for Alabamians has concluded that Alabama has reached herd immunity, based on evidence compiled by epidemiologist Dr. Suzanne Judd of UAB.
Herd immunity is reached when a percentage of people have immunity to an infectious disease, thus reducing the wide-spread reach of the illness in the community.
With an estimated 48 percent of Alabamians having contracted Covid-19, another 1.2 million Alabamians who are fully vaccinated, and another 400,000 Alabamians with partial immunity, the numbers show herd immunity.
This assessment isn’t based on these facts alone.  The practical evidence is self-evident.  We have averaged fewer than 10 deaths a day over the past two to three months, we have had fewer than 50 hospitalizations a day over the past few weeks, and we have proven treatments going forward if others contract the virus.
Based on several assessments last fall, we needed 50-72 percent herd immunity before protection could be expected.  Given the practical as well as the scientific evidence that Dr. Judd’s team has diligently determined, Alabama should announce the state of herd immunity. This is great news, and Alabamians should reassert their rights and freedoms.

Physicians for Alabamians strongly believes that one such freedom is the individual choice of whether or not to take one of the available vaccines.  Especially given herd immunity, the Alabama legislature should stand firm against any mandate of a Covid-19 vaccine and any required proof thereof. Alabama citizens should be given the peace of mind that such a medically unethical mandate will not be allowed in this state.

With known herd immunity, Alabama can proceed appropriately with vaccination. Those who have had COVID-19 may not feel a need to be vaccinated, since individuals who had SARS COV-1 in 2002-2004 still have immunity 18 years later.[1] Studies from the United Kingdom have shown 2.5 times higher adverse reactions to the COVID vaccines in individuals who have had the COVID infection.[2] A recent New England Journal study suggests that pregnant women who receive the vaccine have a 3 times greater risk of miscarriage.[3] Children less than age 17 have a 400 to 800% increase chance of dying from the vaccine than from COVID 19.[4][5][6] Having reached herd immunity, all individuals should weigh the risks and benefits of vaccination. Any vaccine emphasis would most appropriately be directed toward the most vulnerable.

It is also time to look at our state’s structure on health and health emergencies which have given an overwhelming authority to a few individuals in the bureaucracy and medical industry, both of which are unaccountable —and at times therefore, unresponsive to the voters and medical professionals in disagreement with them. This restructure of authority over health and health emergencies in Alabama would best be accomplished without a session clock ticking, and without lobbying dollars negatively influencing what is best for the individuals of our state.
Physicians for Alabamians is sorting through the COVID prevention and treatment disinformation to try to help physicians and citizens to become aware of effective options. For more information, contact Dr. David Calderwood at [email protected].
For now, Alabama should celebrate herd immunity!!







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