Alabama Attorney General Writes Guidance Letter On Vaccines

We applaud AG Steve Marshall for his guidance letter on vaccine passport requirements for Alabama residents.  He explains how the recently passed Alabama law  protects you from vaccine passports.

In a nutshell, AG Marshall states, “…no government, school, or business in Alabama may demand that a constituent, student, or customer, respectively, be vaccinated for COVID-19 or show proof of his or her vaccination for COVID-19. The law’s new protections are in addition to existing medical or religious-based exemptions from immunizations, as discussed more fully below.”   


AG Marshall states,  “This Office has received inquiries related to COVID-19 “vaccination doorknockers,” also known as “Community Health Ambassadors” in some states. While this does not appear to be occurring in Alabama, be advised that you are under no obligation to engage with or share any personal information—including your COVID-19 vaccination status—with anyone identifying as a health ambassador or government volunteer. Read full letter here. 

June Meetings!

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HOST:  SA Liberty/Clint Grantham


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Physicians For Alabamians State: “Alabama Has Reached Herd Immunity!”

“Alabama Has Reached Herd Immunity” 

Say Physicians For Alabamians

It is with great relief and excitement that Physicians for Alabamians has concluded that Alabama has reached herd immunity, based on evidence compiled by epidemiologist Dr. Suzanne Judd of UAB.
Herd immunity is reached when a percentage of people have immunity to an infectious disease, thus reducing the wide-spread reach of the illness in the community.
With an estimated 48 percent of Alabamians having contracted Covid-19, another 1.2 million Alabamians who are fully vaccinated, and another 400,000 Alabamians with partial immunity, the numbers show herd immunity.
This assessment isn’t based on these facts alone.  The practical evidence is self-evident.  We have averaged fewer than 10 deaths a day over the past two to three months, we have had fewer than 50 hospitalizations a day over the past few weeks, and we have proven treatments going forward if others contract the virus.
Based on several assessments last fall, we needed 50-72 percent herd immunity before protection could be expected.  Given the practical as well as the scientific evidence that Dr. Judd’s team has diligently determined, Alabama should announce the state of herd immunity. This is great news, and Alabamians should reassert their rights and freedoms.

Physicians for Alabamians strongly believes that one such freedom is the individual choice of whether or not to take one of the available vaccines.  Especially given herd immunity, the Alabama legislature should stand firm against any mandate of a Covid-19 vaccine and any required proof thereof. Alabama citizens should be given the peace of mind that such a medically unethical mandate will not be allowed in this state.

With known herd immunity, Alabama can proceed appropriately with vaccination. Those who have had COVID-19 may not feel a need to be vaccinated, since individuals who had SARS COV-1 in 2002-2004 still have immunity 18 years later.[1] Studies from the United Kingdom have shown 2.5 times higher adverse reactions to the COVID vaccines in individuals who have had the COVID infection.[2] A recent New England Journal study suggests that pregnant women who receive the vaccine have a 3 times greater risk of miscarriage.[3] Children less than age 17 have a 400 to 800% increase chance of dying from the vaccine than from COVID 19.[4][5][6] Having reached herd immunity, all individuals should weigh the risks and benefits of vaccination. Any vaccine emphasis would most appropriately be directed toward the most vulnerable.

It is also time to look at our state’s structure on health and health emergencies which have given an overwhelming authority to a few individuals in the bureaucracy and medical industry, both of which are unaccountable —and at times therefore, unresponsive to the voters and medical professionals in disagreement with them. This restructure of authority over health and health emergencies in Alabama would best be accomplished without a session clock ticking, and without lobbying dollars negatively influencing what is best for the individuals of our state.
Physicians for Alabamians is sorting through the COVID prevention and treatment disinformation to try to help physicians and citizens to become aware of effective options. For more information, contact Dr. David Calderwood at [email protected].
For now, Alabama should celebrate herd immunity!!







[4] and




Protect Vulnerable Children in AL – Call House Speaker Now!

SB10 is a crucial bill that would stop medical abuse on gender-confused children in Alabama.  (Click here to watch a 2 minute explanation.) This bill is not only overwhelmingly supported by the public but it is supported by the majority of state legislators.  In fact, it passed the AL Senate 23-4 and has also passed with flying colors thorough two House committees. Speaker McCutcheon says, “The House is somewhat divided on the issue.”  However, we did a vote count and that is not the case.  According to the sponsors, legislators are chomping at the bit to pass this bill. Today, Eagle Forum’s Executive Director delivered a letter with the names of more that 40 Alabama doctors and mental health professionals who urge the Speaker to bring this SB10 to a vote immediately. 

The bill has one more hurdle to get through before debate on the House floor and that is, it must be placed on the House Special Order Calendar by the Chairman of the Rules Committee.  

We need you to act now to protect these vulnerable children as the session is winding down and we are running out of legislative days to get this passed. Please do the following 3 things:  

  1. Please call Rules Committee Chairman, Mike Jones 334-261-0573 and leave a message asking him to put SB10 it on the special order calendar this week!  (Keep calling until you can leave a message with a live person.)
  2. Please call the Speaker of the House 334-261-0505 and leave a message for him to bring SB10 (VCAP) to the floor for a vote.  Leave your name and number too. (Keep calling until you can leave a message with a live person.)
  3. Please call your Representative (Find him/her here.) Ask him/her to urge the Speaker of the House to bring SB10 to the House floor for a vote. 

We must stop the child abuse and help, not harm, hurting children.  They are being prescribed damaging, life altering drugs as young as age 8 – instead of being affirmed as the uniquely created individuals they are and led out of their delusions.   Don’t let them down.  Forward this appeal to your friends.

Click To Watch  Doctors Explain Why Interventions Are Child Abuse!

AL 8 Year Olds Taking Puberty Blockers to Change Their Sex!

Click to watch this fascinating discussion.

The transgender movement is gaining momentum and is being pushed at the highest levels of our country. We had an eye-opening discussion with plastic surgeon, Dr Patrick Lappert about the medical harms being done to gender confused children in Alabama and why they must be stopped. This discussion addresses the following “Did You Know” facts (and more). Please watch and share this with families you know who are dealing with this crisis. Then contact your AL representative and ask him/her to vote “YES” on SB10. Use our button below.


  • Children in Alabama, as young as 8, are taking puberty blockers to change their sex
  • There is NO medical test that can prove gender dysphoria
  • Medical interventions are given based on the child’s diagnosis
  • Puberty blockers are not a “pause button”
  • There is NO safety data for using puberty blockers on healthy children, they are NOT FDA approved to use for “changing gender”
  • These medical interventions can subject children to being a “patient for life”
  • Suicide rates are higher for gender confused children
  • In just the last few years there has been a 4,000% increase in self-identified gender confused children
  • A 2019 study showed that when a teen announces a transgender identity to their peer group, the number of friends who also became transgender was 3.5 per group
  • Autistic children are 7 times more likely to be gender confused
  • Up to 98% of children who struggle with gender dysphoria will come to accept their sex as young adults IF they are allowed to go through natural puberty

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“We The People” Presentation

Part 1

On Monday, Jan. 25th EF hosted an in-person meeting.  We watched this 23 minute simple and straight forward overview of how our government was created and why it has brought more individual freedom and opportunity with a higher standard of living for more people than any other nation on earth.  If you weren’t able to be with us, please view these videos and share with your friends and family.


After watching the “We The People” video Col John Eidsmoe answered questions from the audience about our Constitution and about issues facing America right now.