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GOP Is Poised To Drop DROP This Week

I’m hearing reports from multiple sources who say the DROP bill will be on the Governor’s desk by Thursday of this week.  The Governor’s proposed budget hinges on the elimination of the DROP program to avoid layoffs.  For a good review of what the DROP program is and why it needs to be repealed, check out this fact sheet from the ALGOP.  The Alabama Policy Institute also has a good comprehensive study on the program.

Legislative Week in Review–Week 1

The Alabama legislature gaveled in at 12 noon on March 1, 2011 with a Republican-controlled House and Senate.  It was a very busy week that followed as the GOP is moving legislation quickly through committee.  Here are some of the key pieces of legislation that came out of committee this week:

HB57–Rep. Greg Canfield’s Rolling Reserve Budget Act will change the budgeting process for the Education Trust Fund to cap spending at a 15-year rolling average.

HB59–Rep. Barry Mask’s legislation to eliminate the state’s Deferred Retirement Option Program (DROP)

HB64–Rep. Kurt Wallace’s constitutional amendment that protects the right to a secret ballot  in employee representation.

HB61–Rep. April Weaver’s bill to allow businesses to deduct 200% of the amount they pay in health insurance premiums on their state income tax.

Tell Congress To Cut The Full $100 Billion

Call and encourage House Republicans to fulfill their promise to cut $100 billion from the budget.

Rep. Jim Jordan has offered an amendment to cull an additional $20 billion from the budget in order to achieve the full $100 billion in non-security cuts the Republicans promised in their Pledge to America.  The House of Representatives will be considering that amendment today.  Please call the House Republicans and ask them to fulfill their promise.  Response from the grassroots has already prompted them to increase their cuts from $58 billion to $81billion, and with your calls we can get to $100 billion.

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