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Students For Life Rally

Eagle Forum was honored to take part in the Students For Life rally at the capitol in Montgomery, AL. These AMAZING speakers told incredible personal stories and also refuted the myths about abortion. We encourage you to watch these courageous people, from all walks of life, who are standing for life. Their stories will strengthen your resolve and arm you with facts to help you defend life as you engage others who support abortion.

A big thanks to Jack Temple Video for filming this rally for us. Please forward this email to your friends and family. Sign up for our email updates here.

Nancy had 2 abortions. 10 years later she was raped and impregnated with twins. She birthed and raised them. Hear her AMAZING story.

Ryan is a “product of rape”. Listen to his powerful story. He will motivate you in your quest to promote life no matter the circumstance of conception.

Tijuanna shares her courageous story of healing after 2 abortions. Listen how her second abortion opened her eyes to the truth that a fetus is NOT just a “clump of cells”.

Becky refutes the myths that are being told about rape and abortion. She shares facts that pro-lifers can use when when defending life.

Rep. Terri Collins celebrates the passing of the Alabama Human Life Protection Act. 

Kristan shares the mission of and the strides being made by Students for Life across the country.

Elizabeth explains how abortion has devastated minorities. “This is a civil rights issue!”

Joy shares the resources available to women in crisis pregnancy situations.

Sarah explains the crimes of Planned Parenthood in Alabama.

Kay runs a home for homeless pregnant moms In Alabama.


Students for life Pro-Life Rally this Wednesday

Join us for a rally as we celebrate LIFE this Wednesday, May 22nd, at 11AM on the steps of the Alabama State Capitol in Montgomery. Students for Life will be hosting the event. Eagle Forum Executive Director Becky Gerritson will be one of many dynamic speakers. Others include:

Kristan Hawkins, Students for Life (Emcee)
Ryan Bomberger, The Radiance Foundation
Sarah Howell, CEC for Life
Joy Pinto, Her Choice Birmingham
Nancy Kelly, courageous mother who chose Life after conceiving in rape
Elizabeth Parker, Minority Outreach Coordinator for Students for Life
Janet Lee Marino, conceived in rape

The Alabama State Capitol’s main front steps area is on the west side of the building, facing the intersection of Bainbridge and Dexter Avenue.

We will celebrate how pro-life and pro-woman Alabama is with the recent passing of the toughest anti-abortion law in the country.

AL Abortion Bill Is Hanging In The Balance–Vote Is Tuesday, May 14th

What you need to know about the Alabama Human Life Protection Act.

HB314 bans abortion for any reason EXCEPT for the life of the mother.  The bill’s purpose is to establish personhood of the unborn child and to challenge Roe v Wade which ruled that the unborn is not a person and does not deserve protection under the U.S. Constitution.

HB314 passed the AL House of Representatives in its original form on April 30th.  It was in the Senate Health Committee on Wednesday, May 8th and Sen. Whatley (R-Auburn) added an amendment which allows abortions for rape or incest.  The amendment was passed in committee by a voice vote and was added to the bill.  The amended bill came to the senate floor on May 9th for debate and a final vote.  There was a motion to “table” the amendment which was quickly accepted.  (“Table” means to remove the amendment.)  So now the bill is back to its original form which is where it needs to be to challenge Roe V. Wade.  The Senate then adjourned for the weekend.  They will come back on Tuesday, May 14th at 4:00PM to vote on the bill.  We know they will try to add the amendment back on before the final vote.
The bill’s purpose is to establish personhood.  If an amendment is added for rape or incest then that destroys the personhood argument.  It would be inconsistent to say that the unborn child IS a person, but that if he is conceived as a result of rape or incest, he is NOT a person.  An amendment would destroy the bill’s chance to challenge Roe V. Wade.  If we are going to abolish abortion, WE MUST PASS A CLEAN BILL.
Almost half of the republican senators and all of the democrats will try to add an exemption for rape and incest.   Before Tuesday, May 14th, we must convince the republican senators to pass a clean bill.  THEY NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU!  (Remember, it was a republican who added the amendment in committee!)
Find your senator.  Contact your senator.
Just leave a message saying: “Please pass HB314-the Alabama Human Life Protection Act (or the abortion bill) in its original form with NO amendments!”  It’s as easy as that.  You won’t have to debate anyone or explain anything-it can be as simple as one sentence.  They are waiting to hear from you.  I can assure the pro-abortion folks will be burning up their lines telling them to add the amendment.  We must out-number them!
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Vote Yes on Amendment 2

Pro-abortion forces have raised over $940,000 mostly from out of state Planned Parenthood affiliates to flood Alabama airwaves with false information in an attempt to defeat the Alabama Sanctity of Unborn Life Amendment which is on Tuesday’s ballot.

Under current law, the Alabama constitution does not include any language that directly relates to the importance of unborn life or the rights of unborn children, nor does it include any language that directly relates to abortion or the funding of abortions using state funds.

The proposed amendment does not identify any specific actions or activities as unlawful. It expresses a public policy that supports broad protections for the rights of unborn children as long as the protections are lawful.

If a majority of voters vote “Yes” on Amendment 2, the public policy of this state will be to support and protect the importance of unborn life and the rights of unborn children.

To advocate for this amendment, Eagle Forum has joined forces with the Alabama Policy Institute, the Southeast Law Institute and several Pro-Life organizations including: Alabama Pro-Life Coalition, Alabama Pro-Life Education Fund, Choose Life, Inc., Cameron’s Choice, and the Alabama Citizens’ Action Program. Under the banner of Alliance for a Pro-Life Alabama, the coalition is chaired by three pro-life champions: Former State Rep. Mary Sue McClurkin, State Republican Party Chairman Terry Lathan, and Public Service Committee President Twinkle Cavanaugh.

To refute the lies in the pro-abortion ads, click here for the document Myth Busters or see below.
Please share this email with your contacts and ask them to vote for Amendment Two to protect babies in the womb.
Pray for God’s grace on America in this critical election!
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Parents Beware: Teens Enticed by Suicide Tale, “Thirteen Reasons Why”

by Krissie Allen

In 1995, Pope John Paul II issued his widely acclaimed encyclical Evangelium Vitae (The Gospel of Life), warning Christians of an emerging “culture of death.” Pointing to various political, social, and cultural norms that offer a perverse idea of freedom that sacrifices the inherent value of life in favor of individuality, the encyclical affirms that the Gospel of Christ is indeed a Gospel of life. Christians are therefore called to resist the culture of death and embrace a culture that respects, protects and serves every life because “[o]nly in this direction will [one] find justice, development, true freedom, peace and happiness.”

At times the culture of death’s attack on life is easy to identify and thereby resist. (One need only ponder the struggle over abortion-rights or euthanasia to see the menacing culture of death at work.) Other times, however, its attack seems more insidious yet equally dangerous. And one of the most recent examples is Netflix’s most tweeted about show geared towards teens:13 Reasons Why.

Based on Jay Asher’s debut novel of the same name, the series tells the story behind the suicide of a young teenager named Hannah, and according to the show’s producer Selena Gomez, is intended to offer an “honest” view of suicide so it “should never be an option.”

With teen depression and suicide on the rise, such a purported intention sounds noble enough. The series’ questionable (if not unconscionable) methodology, however, has proven to be far from noble.

Essentially, each of the 13 episodes reveals a new audiotape Hannah left behind and allows young viewers to progressively uncover (and essentially experience) the multiple mistreatments that led to her tragic decision. Viewers are accordingly lured, episode after episode, into witnessing just about every shocking teen trauma imaginable: Hannah’s homosexual kiss that becomes fodder for teen bullying, her witnessing of a friend’s rape, her own sexual assault and eventual rape, her failed attempt to receive help from a dismissive guidance counselor, and most disturbingly, her final hopeless and graphic act of slitting of her wrists in the bathtub.

Countless experts have already rung the alarm on the show and criticized its depiction of suicide as explicitly dangerous.  Everyone from suicide prevention groups, mental health experts, educators, youth ministers, and even mainstream reviewers have warned that the series’ graphic images and sensational plot lines could potentially result in harm to young viewers who have previously dealt with these serious issues and could work to desensitize people to suicidal acts in general.

One initial take away from this controversy for Christians is that the culture of death is very much alive and willing to manipulate young people. It might feign concern for human tragedy and difficulty and might even claim to pursue justice and peace. Unwilling to acknowledge Christ’s love and His redemptive powers, however, its solutions always—always—fall short. Instead of offering hope, it offers despair. Instead of offering love, it offers wrath. Instead of offering faith, it offers skepticism or doubt. And instead of seeking to raise children of light, it seeks to raise children of woe.

The more imperative take away, however, is that our culture is in desperate need of hearing, seeing and experiencing the gospel of life. While Netflix and others of its ilk might choose to capitalize off of teen tragedy and continue to promote shows such as 13 Reasons Why, Christians have unyielding power to combat its influence by living Christ-centered lives that bear witness to Jesus, as The Ultimate Reason Why Not.  


All Pro-life Bills Pass Senate

Wonderful news!  All three pro-life bills that we have supported this legislative session passed the Senate today.  They now head to the Governor’s desk for signature.

1.  The Healthcare Rights of Conscience bill (religious freedom for healthcare providers who object to abortion, cloning, stem-cell research) by Rep. Arnold Mooney/Sen. Paul Sanford

2.  Ban on Assisted Suicide bill by Representative Mack Butler/Senator Phil Williams

3.  Right to Life Constitutional Amendment (a constitutional amendment to go on the ballot declaring that abortion is not a protected right in Alabama)  by Rep. Matt Fridy/Sen. Phil


Thank you to everyone who turned out to lobby for life, and especially those legislators that voted to protect it!


Most Important Pro-Life Day of the year

Alabama House designates “Pro-life Day” for March 16, 2017
Next week on Thursday, March 16, 2017 there will a special opportunity for the pro-life community in Alabama. We need your help!
March 16 this year has been designated as “Pro-Life Day” by the Alabama House of Representatives. This is a special opportunity.  Important pro-life legislation will be on the calendar. We will not have a rally outside as in earlier years. We need to have a presence inside the statehouse. To do that we need as many people as possible to be there that day. People need to call on their House member and sit in the gallery or overflow rooms to watch the debate.  We need to show the House we respect their willingness to support pro-life legislation. This is one of the most important pro-life days for Alabamians this year. We need every Eagle Forum of Alabama member and pro-lifer to be present to ensure successful passage of important pro-life legislation this year.
For more information on pro-life day this year, please contact us at (205) 879-7096. We are happy to help answer any questions about this important event. Eagle Forum of Alabama would like to see the successful passage of these bills this year.  The first three bills with asterisks listed below are pro-life bills that have been promoted for years, but have not yet passed.  We need your help to make sure all these pro-life bills pass this year.  All that is needed is your presence. You standing up for the voiceless.
Join the social media campaign for life on the Pro-Life Day next week.  Use the hashtag #prolifeAL and the phrase “Defend All Life in All Stages” starting Thursday morning.
Assisted Suicide Ban Act*
HB96 Rep. Mack Butler/SB198 Sen. Phil Williams
Child Placing Agency Inclusion Act*
HB24 Rep. Rich Wingo/SB145 Sen. Bill Hightower
Health Care Rights of Conscience Act*
HB95 Rep. Arnold Mooney/SB185 Sen. Paul Sanford
Right to Life Constitutional Amendment
HB98 Rep. Matt Fridy

Eagle Forum Of Alabama Strongly Supports Bill To Ban Assisted Suicide In Alabama

Contact your State Senator and State Representative now.  Tell them you support the Assisted Suicide Ban Act HB96 (Rep. Mack Butler) and its companion bill SB198 (Sen. Phil Williams).  House Information: (334) 242-7600  –  Senate Information: (334) 242-7800, to voice your concerns with your legislators NOW!

Ask them to pass this legislation to insure that Alabama protects life until natural death.  Alabama must not join the five states plus the District of Columbia who have already legalized assisted suicide and the other 21 states that are currently considering legislation to legalize “assisted suicide” which redefines the concept of medical good as never before.  Our state has long supported its commitment to protect and preserve all human life at every stage. As this legislation states, the state has an interest in protecting vulnerable groups, such as the impoverished, the elderly, and disabled persons from abuse, neglect, and mistakes.  The state also has an interest in protecting the integrity and ethics of the medical profession.

Assisted suicide laws clearly violate fundamental medical ethics. Without protections from assisted suicide in Alabama, the elderly, individuals with special needs, and the mentally ill will become targeted for assisted suicide as they have in other states.  Alabama is one of the few states that currently has no statute directly addressing assisted suicide.  The U. S. Supreme Court has upheld state bans on assisted suicide, and it is time for the Alabama Legislature to take action by passing the Assisted Suicide Ban Act.

In states that have legalized physician assisted suicide (PAS) there are few protections for those with mental health problems.  Even in Oregon and California, where the law calls for counseling where the physician thinks the patient may have psychiatric or psychological disorder or depression, less than 4% of those who received a prescription were referred to counseling.  Inadequate pain control was identified as a concern in only 1/4 to1/3 of the cases.  If the reason for the decision is not physical, it is safe to assume that more patients should have received professional counseling other than from their physician.  With such laws, there is nobody to hold the physician accountable.  The laws allow too much latitude for physicians to rely on their own opinions in their practices.  PHYSICIANS NEED TO HELP SUCH DISTURBED PATIENTS, NOT KILL THEM.

In a recent U. S. Senate hearing, Dr. G. Kevin Donovan, professor of pediatrics and director of clinical bioethics at Georgetown University, stated: “In medicine we know that what is permissible becomes habitual, and what is habitual becomes standard care, and what is [the] standard of care becomes obligatory.”  We must protect life at all stages and remember the oath doctors take to “first do no harm.”