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Medical Marijuana Testimony Before Alabama House Health Committee May 28, 2019

Spoken Testimony Medical Marijuana House Committee 5.28.19

I’m Becky Gerritson-Exec Director of Eagle Forum of Alabama.

We are certainly sympathetic to those seeking relief from their debilitating medical conditions.

Senator Melson we applaud your efforts in trying to help patients and we know that you have worked hard on this bill.

We are encouraged by those young patients with seizers who have found relief with CBD oil and we would like that program (Carly’s Law) at UAB to continue.

However, we do have reservations and wanted to share our findings.

  1. The first qualifying condition listed in SB236 on page 14 is Addiction

Yet the largest study of cannabis as a substitute for opioids was a 4-year cohort study of 1514 patients with chronic pain who had been prescribed opioids. Here’s what they found: Cannabis use was associated with MORE subsequent pain, less self-efficacy for managing pain, and NO reductions in prescribed opioid use.[1]

Although this bill seeks to address addiction-research doesn’t support it as a viable alternative.

  1. Many Medical Marijuana Patients drive while High

A recent poll of medical marijuana patents revealed that more than half of patients had driven within 2 hours of consuming a cannabis treatment at least once during the prior 6 months. About 20% said they had driven while “very high” while about half described being a “little high” while driving.[2]

While this bill is being presented as limited to just ‘medical’ marijuana, this has been the stepping stone to decriminalization and then legalization for recreational use in every state that has gone in that direction. This is our biggest hesitation…

Before passing this bill in its current form we would like to see more real-life trials for some of the medical conditions listed in the bill to see if they respond well to medical marijuana. More trials like “Carly’s law”.

Not only would this minimize the open door to recreational marijuana but it would also bolster the limited amount of research done on the efficacy of marijuana on the conditions listed in the bill.

We are concerned that we still don’t have standard dosages for different conditions and feel these could best be determined under the supervision of doctors conducting medical trials. We would whole-heartedly support that before opening it up to the entire medical community like this bill would do.

Thank you for your time.

[1] Should Physicians Recommend Replacing Opioids with Cannabis, Author Keith Humphreys, PhD –2019 American Medical Assoc—downloaded from

[2] Many Medical Marijuana Patients Drive While High, By Alan Mozes, Wed Jan, 9, 2019 Health Daily News

Immediate Release: Google Caught Red-Handed Influencing 2020 Election

For Immediate Release
June 25, 2019
What we thought was true has now been proven without a shadow of a doubt.  Social media platforms like Google have morphed into censorship giants who manipulate what the public sees and doesn’t see. On Monday morning Project Veritas released a new report on Google which includes undercover video of a senior Google executive, leaked documents, and testimony from a Google insider.  The report appears to show Google’s plans to affect the outcome of the 2020 elections and “prevent” the next “Trump situation.”
Eunie Smith, Eagle Forum’s president said, “Google, which owns Youtube has been censoring videos and posts that challenge their one-sided political agenda.  They also are suppressing the truth and manipulating data for their political partisan political purposes.  Such monopolistic control of information is harmful to our Republic and must stop.”   Eagle Forum Executive Director Becky Gerritson chimed in, “We have known about the censorship going on at Facebook and Pinterest from recent whistleblowers.  This is just the latest and most egregious example of big tech’s smothering of speech and stunning manipulation of online information.  They are suppressing the truth with new ‘machine learning algorithms’ which feels like something out George Orwell’s book, 1984.”

Within hours of Project Veritas’ release of its undercover video exposing Google, Youtube pulled the video.  It was quickly on its way to reaching 1 million views.  Google is once again censoring valid news.  Having access to reliable information, whether it’s politically correct or not, is something that Americans value and expect. 
The public must be made aware of this corruption.  We are calling on the mainstream media to cover this story and stop ignoring the serious censorship problems at Google, Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest and other big tech media platforms.  We urge Congress and the US Attorney’s Office to ensure Google is not illegally influencing the 2020 presidential election with its inordinate ability to control what the electorate hears.  Eagle Forum also calls on citizens to contact Google. Ask Google to stop allowing only those posts which are supportive of their political agenda.   See undercover video and Google addresses here.


Eagle Forum applauds the Alabama legislature for passing the Alabama Human Life Protection Act (HB314).  HB314 was passed Tuesday evening and is now the most restrictive abortion bill in the country. 
The author of the bill, Rep. Terri Collins, wrote the bill as a challenge to the 1973 Supreme Court decision in Row v. Wade.  That court case ruled that the fetus growing inside the mother was not a person and therefore was not guaranteed protection under the U.S. Constitution.  Since that decision more than 50 million babies have been aborted in America. 
Through modern technology like 4-D ultrasound we now know without a doubt that the fetus is an actual person, and we also know that babies do feel pain at an early stage of gestation.  This new technology motivated the bill’s sponsors to challenge Roe v Wade by establishing personhood.  An amendment added for rape or incest would have destroyed the personhood argument.  It would have been inconsistent to argue that the unborn child IS a person, but that if he is conceived as a result of rape or incest, he is NOT a person.  The fact that this bill was passed in its original form is a testament to how hard the bill’s sponsors, Rep. Collins and Sen. Clyde Chambliss, worked to educate their colleagues on why a clean vote was so important.  
Becky Gerritson, Eagle Forum of Alabama Executive Director said, “This is an historic day for Alabama.  The Alabama Human Life Protection Act is a monumental piece of legislation to protect the unborn, and we are grateful to Representative Collins and Senator Clyde Chambliss for their passion for the unborn and for sponsoring this historic legislation.”  Eunie Smith, President of Eagle Forum, added her praise by saying, “We are grateful to all Alabama legislators who said with their votes that every life is sacred.  We are grateful to Gov. Kay Ivey who has pledged to sign the bill. We are grateful to the countless Alabamians who supported this timely and timeless move.  It is our prayer that it will be used to overturn Roe v. Wade and stop the slaughter of the innocent in America.”

Legislative Update Week 8

General Legislative Information
Use these links for Alabama Legislative Information Systems Online:
Home Page, Find Your Legislator, State Senators, House Reps

Dear Members,

Week 8 was very busy as the legislature has increased their legislative days from two days a week to three. The bills we are tracking are listed below. The descriptions and Eagle Forum’s positions have not changed but in most cases the bills’ status has. We have also added a Yoga bill and a vaccine bill to our watch list. See details below.

Thank you, Patriots!

Becky Gerritson
Executive Director, Eagle Forum of Alabama

Week 8: May 7 – May 9


DESCRIPTION: This bill would make abortion and attempted abortion felony offenses except in cases where abortion is necessary in order to prevent a serious health risk to the unborn child’s mother. This bill would provide that a woman who receives an abortion will not be held criminally culpable or civilly liable for receiving the abortion.

STATUS: The Senate will vote on HB314 at 4:00 on Tuesday, May 14th. You can watch the Senate video live here beginning at 4:00PM on Tuesday, May 14th.

EF’S POSITION: We support it. (EF 2019 priority bill)

ACTION: See more detailed info and a video on the status of this bill here. Find and contact your senator and tell him/her to vote “YES” on HB314 with NO Amendments.


DESCRIPTION: This bill is cited as Gianna’s Law. This bill would require a physician to exercise reasonable care to preserve the life of a child born alive after an abortion or attempted abortion.

STATUS: On Wednesday, May 8, it passed out of the House Health Committee and was placed on the House Regular Calendar.

EF’S POSITION: We support it.


DESCRIPTION: This bill would require state two-year and four-year colleges and universities to protect and uphold free speech rights for students and faculty, and would provide a cause of action for violations. See Eagle Forum’s press release here which describes why we need this bill and what it will accomplish.

STATUS: Eagle Forum testified in support of this bill during the public hearing on Wednesday. HB498 passed the House Education Policy Committee on May 9th and has been placed on the House Regular Calendar.

EF’S POSITION: We support this bill. (EF’s 2019 priority bill)


DESCRIPTION: This bill would propose an amendment to the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, to rename the State Board of Education as the Alabama Commission on Elementary and Secondary Education and to provide that the members of the commission are appointed by the Governor, subject to confirmation by the Senate.

STATUS: It will be in the Senate Education Policy committee on Wednesday at 2:45PM in room 825.

EF’s POSITION: We believe that elections are the best way to hold officials accountable.


DESCRIPTION: This bill would remove the religious exemption for immunization of children in schools.

STATUS: This bill was introduced but the sponsor got so much blow back that he said he is not moving forward with the bill.

EF’S POSITION: We are glad the sponsor the pulled this bill. Parents should have the right to opt their children out of vaccines.


DESCRIPTION: This bill would authorize local boards of education to offer yoga to students in grades K to 12.

STATUS: HB449 had a public hearing in the House Education Committee on May 8th. The committee will vote on May 15th.

EF’S POSITION: Several people testified at the hearing about Yoga’s spiritual aspects which pushes it too close to teaching religion. Eagle Forum also testified about how the meditation aspects of Yoga cannot be removed from the exercises themselves. We hold the position that if parents want their children to engage in the practice of yoga that they do it on their own time and not in public schools with tax payer money.

ACTION: Contact the House Education Policy Committee members and ask them to vote no on the Yoga bill HB449.


DESCRIPTION: Relating to public K-12 education; to authorize local boards of education to allow released time for student participation in religious instruction in an elective course for purposes of satisfying certain curriculum requirements in public schools.

STATUS: It has passed the full house and passed out of the Senate Education Policy committee. It is on the Senate Regular Calendar and ready for debate and a vote on the Senate floor.

EF’S POSITION: We support it.


DESCRIPTION: Under existing law, a county superintendent of education may be elected if authorized under a local law or amendment to the Constitution of Alabama of 1901. This bill would require all county superintendents to be appointed by the county board of education, except as otherwise provided by the Constitution of Alabama of 1901. ( ALL local county superintendents will be appointed NOT elected by the people.)

STATUS: This bill has already passed the Senate, has been placed on the House Regular Calendar, and is awaiting a floor vote for final passage.

EF’S POSITION: We oppose this bill as we believe elections are the best way to hold public officials accountable.

ACTION: Find and contact your House member and ask them to vote NO on SB222.


DESCRIPTION: This bill would exempt from the crime of unlawful possession of marijuana a person with a qualifying condition who has a valid medical cannabis card for the medical use of cannabis. EF has no problems with people using CBD oil for their health as it has been shown to be effective especially in pediatric epilepsy cases. Almost every state that has allowed for medical marijuana has opened the door to full blown recreational use.

STATUS: This bill has passed the Senate and is now in the House Health Committee but no hearing/reading has been scheduled.

EF’s POSITION: We oppose this bill. (EF’s 2019 priority) Here is a link to more marijuana information from our national Eagle Forum website. View marijuana flier here.


DESCRIPTION: Proposing an amendment to Section 65 of the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, to establish an Alabama Lottery statewide; to provide for the sale of lottery tickets including instant tickets and multi-state lottery games; to provide for the distribution of lottery proceeds; and to require the Legislature to pass general laws to implement the amendment.

STATUS: This bill has passed the Senate and has been placed in the House Economic Development and Tourism Committee.

EF’s POSITION: We oppose this bill for these reasons.

ACTION: Contact the House Economic Development and Tourism Committee members ask for a “No” vote on the lottery bill SB220.


HB260 This bill would require health care facilities to require certain employees to receive human trafficking training. There was a public hearing but there has not been a vote in committee yet.

HB261 This bill would require any trade school or junior college offering certain truck driving courses to offer training on the recognition, prevention, and reporting of human trafficking. This bill was strongly supported by Truckers Against Trafficking. It passed out of committee and is awaiting debate and vote on the House floor.

HB262 This bill would allow the disclosure of a certain person’s photograph after an arrest for prostitution. The idea behind this bill is to focus on the “Johns” i.e. those who are caught soliciting a prostitute. Their arrest pictures will become public record in hopes of detouring their behavior. HB262 passed out of committee and has been placed on the House Regular Calendar.

HB264. Under current law, the penalty for a first violation of failing to post human trafficking hotline information in certain establishments is a warning, and the penalty for a subsequent violation is $25. This bill would increase the penalty to $250 for a first violation and $2,500 for a subsequent violation.

EF’s POSITION: We support all of these bills. (EF’s 2019 priority bills)


DESCRIPTION: This bill would establish the crime of female genital mutilation, would provide criminal penalties, and would provide an exception only under limited circumstances when medically necessary.

STATUS: On Wednesday, May 1, it passed out of the House Judiciary Committee and was placed on the House Regular Calendar.

EF’S POSITION: We support it. (EF 2019 priority bill)

ACTION: Find and contact your House member and tell him/her to vote “YES” on HB421.

Week 7
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2016 Eagle Forum of Alabama Education Foundation Banquet Photographs

Banquet guests had the great opportunity to hear and meet special speakers Michael Reagan and Associate Justice Glenn Murdock during the reception at the banquet. Click on this link to see photographs from the banquet at The Club now! Share your photos on Facebook and tag @Eagle Forum of Alabama. Make sure to not miss upcoming Eagle Forum of Alabama events and breaking policy updates by signing up for alerts and membership today at




AL House of Representatives passes resolution mourning the death, celebrating the life of Phyllis Schlafly

Eagle Forum of Alabama would like to thank Representative Arnold Mooney for his sponsorship of Alabama House Resolution mourning the death and celebrating the life of Eagle Forum founder Phyllis Schlafly.  Phyllis passed away on Monday, September 5, 2016.


Andy Schlafly on a Compact for a Balanced Budget Article V Convention

The following letter regarding a Constitutional Convention was sent from Eunie Smith to Alabama Legislators on May 6, 2015. 

To:  Alabama Legislators
From:  Eunie Smith, President Eagle Forum of Alabama

Apparently you have received misinformation regarding Eagle Forum’s position on an Article V Convention.  Please read carefully Eagle Forum Board Member Andy Schlafly’s short statement following, forwarded to me on 5/3/15:

“I completely oppose an Article V Convention.  It is a dangerous threat to our values and our Nation.  Congress or judicial activism would likely require that the voting at such a convention be in proportion to population, and thereby dominated by liberal states.  They would probably put a right to abortion and homosexual marriage into the Constitution, and repeal the Second Amendment.  There is nothing good that can result from an Article V Convention, because Congress and the Courts will not feel restrained by a new amendment any more than they comply with existing text.  Even proposing an Article V Convention has the harmful effect of devaluing the Constitution we cherish.

The original Constitutional Convention was made possible by rules of secrecy against media interference.  That is impossible today, and thus the liberal media would obtain the result it wants.  Pinning one’s hopes on an Article V Convention today is like a bankrupt man turning to gambling to solve his family’s financial problems.  Hard work, in electing good people who defend our existing Constitution, is what is needed.  The pie-in-the-sky, dangerous proposal of an Article V Convention should be rejected.  (11/16/2014)”

Andrew L. Schlafly, Esq.
Attorney who practices before the U.S. Supreme Court and twelve U.S. Courts of Appeal; General Counsel of the Assn. of American Physicians & Surgeons (oldest conservative group in the U.S.); A leading attorney in federal litigation against abortion; For six consecutive years, 2009-2014, have led busloads of teenagers to the March for Life in D.C.; Contact:  [email protected]

Proponents of a Constitutional Convention have insisted that a Convention could be limited to the one issue of a Balanced Budget.  However, Yellowhammer quoted the House Sponsor as saying that the “Convention would be limited to a small set of issues….”  Unfortunately, such limiting is wishful thinking because a convention once convened, is a law unto itself.  All it takes is a majority proclaimed by the chairman of the Convention, and anything goes.

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America is waking up to the truth: NO ONE NEEDS PLANNED PARENTHOOD.

 CEC for Life

  Sat. Oct. 10

Join the largest national protest of Planned Parenthood this country has ever seen!

By now, you’ve most likely seen the undercover videos showing Planned Parenthood doctors callously discussing how to dismember aborted babies and sell their body parts for profit.
Perhaps you even watched the recent hearings, where Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood, finally had to admit on public record that 86% of Planned Parenthood’s revenue comes from one thing: abortion.
The truth about the nation’s largest abortion provider is finally being revealed — and not just to Congress.Like never before, people all over this nation are waking up to a sobering realization…

No one needs Planned Parenthood.

Not in our nation.

Not in our state and federal budgets.

And certainly not in our city of Birmingham.

That’s why you are invited to join Alabama citizens of compassion and conscience for the National Day of Protest against Planned Parenthood!

This protest will be one of HUNDREDS of events coast-to-coast on October 10, in cooperation with a coalition of more than 40 pro-life groups.  It will be the largest national protest of Planned Parenthood this country has ever seen. You don’t want to miss it!

Mark your calendar and bring your friends — especially those who haven’t been out on the front lines like this before.  Let’s be the truth tellers in this nation!

We may never have a better opportunity to strip Planned Parenthood of their massive $500 million taxpayer subsidy and expose the truth about this corrupt organization.  Plan to attend today.


Bishop Emeritus David Foley

Diocese of Birmingham

Joy Pinto

Her Choice Birmingham

Cindy Harless

Abortion Recovery Alabama, with Mitch Kelley leading songs of worship.

 Please forward this invite to all of your friends!

For more information on the national event, visit



“Not to speak is to speak.  Not to act is to act.” 

Dietrich Bonhoeffer