Email Alerts & AL Legislative Updates


Defense Contractor Admits He Helped Rig the US Election!  (Sent 1.6.21)

Watch DC Rally LIVE NOW and Joint Session In Congress Here. (Sent 1.6.21)


Urge Senator Tuberville To Uphold His Campaign Promise (Sent 12.21.20)

Tell State Legislators To Fix Election Fraud (Sent 12.13.20)

Stand With TX + View Lists of Fraud in 5 Key States (Sent 12.9.20)

Watch Election Fraud Update at 3:00CT Today (Sent 12.8.20)


Watch AZ Election Hearing Live Now (Sent 11.30.20)

MUST WATCH: Press Conf Exposes Massive Voter Fraud In US Election (sent 11.19.20)

The GA Audit is a “Fraud It”  Read Why (Sent 11.13.20)

GA Re-Count Volunteers Needed-Sign up Here. (Sent 11.12.20)

5 Points of Prayer From Michele Bachmann (Sent 11.6.20)

TONIGHT at 6:30: Zoom Town Hall With Rep. Gary Palmer (Sent 11.5.20)


UPDATED: How to Vote on AL Amendments + Party Platform Comparison (Sent 10.20.20)

CANCELLED! Zoom Town Hall with Rep. Gary Palmer (Sent 10.1.20)



EF Constitution Day-Presentation (Sent 9.17.20)


Census 2020 (Sent 8.18.20)

Why We Have a Republic, Not a Democracy (Sent 8.14.20)

JULY 2020

17 Million Views of Doctors’ Press Conference About COVID Censored by Social Media (Sent 7.28.20)

Tele-Town Hall with Rep Mo Brooks July 30th @ 6:30 (Sent 7.27.20)

Join Us Online: Global Summit to End Sexual Exploitation (Sent 7.14.20)

Happy 4th of July EF Launches New Series + Trump’s Speech at Mt Rushmore (Sent 7.4.20)

JUNE 2020

Stand Up NOW for America or Lose Her (Sent 6.25.20)

EF Signs Letter to President Trump: Before We Can Have Healing, We Must Have Law and Order.” (Sent 6.15.20)

Powerful Words for ALL Christians from President’s Roundtable In Dallas 6.11.20 (Sent on 6.12.20)

Second Opinion Project Dr Videos (Sent on 6.11.20)

MAY 2020

5 Things You Need To Know About Pelosi’s Bill + Clarence Thomas Documentary Link (Sent on 5.20.20)

Big Win-We Stopped China From Getting Our Thrift Savings Plan Money + Update on NCOSE Actions To Curb Illegal Online Porn (Sent on 5.14.20)

Legislative Update Week 8 May 4-8 (Sent on 5.8.20)

Don’t Slash the Stat Auditor’s budget (Sent on 5.1.20)

APRIL 2020

Car Rally To Re-Open Alabama Tues 4.21.20  (Sent on 4.20.20)

Alabama Is Re-Opening! (Sent on 4.17.20)

Propaganda Movie on EF Founder Will Be Released Tomorrow On Hulu-Join Our FB Watch Party at 2:00 To Dispel The Lies. (Sent on 4.14.20)

True Story: Easter Sunday in the Soviet Union and in the United States (Sent 4.11.20)

Join Lt Gov Ainsworth This Sunday to Ring The Bells For Resurrection (Sent 4.8.20)

Passover Then & Now-Message from JH Ranch (Sent on 4.8.20)

MARCH 2020

Kids Are Home; Now What? A Helpful Resource Guide For Parents (Mar. 23, 2020)

AL Run-Off Election Moved to July 14th (Sent on 3.18.20).

Legislative Update Week 6:  Marijuana Passed the AL Senate  (Mar. 10-12)

Legislative Update Week 5: VCAP Passed the Senate! (Bill Protecting Minors from Transgender Medical Procedures) (Mar. 3-5)

FOX News-Tucker Carlson Make the Case For AL Transgender Bill (VCAP)


Legislative Update Week 4: VCAP Passes House & Senate Health Committees-  Feb 25-27 

2 Reasons Why You Should Vote”NO” On MARCH 3rd!

EF Supports the Bill to Protect Gender Confused Children (VCAP)

Legislative Update Week 3:  VCAP Introduced- 2020 Feb 18-20

Legislative Update Week 2:  Medical Marijuana & the GIRL Act Feb 11-13 


Legislative Update Week 1:  Porn Resolution Passes AL Senate Feb 4-6

Amend 1 Will Take Away Your Right To Vote–SO VOTE “NO” on MARCH 3rd!


Sebastian Gorka Speaking in Birmingham!

Event will Inspire You to Stand for Faith Family and Freedom!

Sebastian Gorka to Speak in Birmingham!

Happy New Year & Lots of Upcoming Events


Fate of AL Students is sealed 12.12.19

Video: New math IS common core 12.10.19

URGENT: Side-by-Side Comparison – “New” AL Math IS Common Core!

Don’t be fooled! New Math Standards Are Same Old Common Core!



SAVE THE DATE! Sebastian Gorka & The Activist Mommy Coming to Alabama!

Who Are The Veterans?


Power Grid In Jeopardy-Gov’t Wants To Hear From You!


New save the date banquet Jan 27, 2020

Save the Date Annual Dinner and Other Events

Correction Save the Date Annual Dinner and Other Events


Surgeon General Issues Warning Marijuana

JULY 2019

Response to AL Today article Gerritson vs Coleman

Insights From National Eagle Forum

JUNE 2019

Join us in DC for Eagle Council-Early Bird Price Expires Soon.

Whistle-blower at Google Exposes Trump 2020 Election Suppression

Scorecard-End of the 2019 AL Legislative Session

MAY 2019

Contact your State Senator for Campus Free Speech

Pro-life Rally Videos

Students for Life Pro-Life Rally This Wednesday

Week 9: Piers Morgan Scolds EF Executive Director about AL Abortion Bill

Time to Protect Campus Free Speech

EF Praises the Passage of Alabama Human Life Protection Act

Week 8: Legislative Update Marijuana Passes Senate May 7-9 


Alert: Rescind The Call for An Article V Convention

Week 7: Legislative Update-Press Conference + Our Bills Are Moving!

APRIL 2019

Tax Freedom Day – Limestone County – Sunday, April 28

“Killing Ed” documentary April 29 in Chatom

Week 6: Legislative Update-Marijuana-Lottery-Pro-Life Bill Up For Floor debate & MORE!

Flier email for Legislature 101 on April 30, 2019

Weeks 4-5 Legislative Update-Watch Powerful Pro-Life Testimony

Invitation To Our Free Event On April 30th+ See Other Upcoming Events

Week 3 Legislative Update-Abortion & Lottery

MARCH 2019

Week 1 & 2 AL Legislative Update + Free Event on April 16th

See The Votes On The Bill to Repeal Common Core In AL Senate

Your help is needed to select Alabama Health Textbooks for next 6 years

The Gas Tax Is MORE Than 10 Cents! Here’s What You Need to Know

EF Stands with Families–Praises the New AL Forfeiture Accountability System

The Gas Tax Is MORE Than 10 Cents! Here’s What You Need to Know

Gov Ivey Postpones The Vote For New Common Core Math Standards!


Vote Is Monday To Save the Babies +More EF News

VIDEO–We CAN Stop Common Core in Alabama!

Ask AL School Board to Replace Common Core Math March 14th


Watch Amazing 4D Ultrasound “I’m Alive”

Eagle Forum Of Alabama Announces Prominent Conservative Champion Becky Gerritson As Executive Director